Steamed pumpkin cake with coconut milk, Kue talam labu kuning

Kue is classic traditional Indonesian cake, its bite-size sweet/savory snack or dessert food that’s popular in Indonesia and on the other hand traditional Indonesian kue also demonstrated local native delicacies.

The fact, the diversity of traditional cake (Jajan Pasar) in Indonesia is very rich, they are more often steamed than bake and are thus very different in texture, flavour and appearances. 

Since not many people are interested of making traditional cake (kue) at home and knowing the common classic reason that making traditional cake is quite tedious to do it on your own. 

As the lifestyle has totally changed, nowadays everyone demand anything easy when it comes for the snacks, but not me! I still enjoy making my own traditional cakes at home so that I could anytime bring back the beauty of my childhood memory.

I honestly hooked by the glance of Kue Talam Labu Kuning recipe (Steamed pumpkin cake with coconut milk) and every time I read the ingredient composition, I really could not hold up too long.

Kue Talam is basically made from mixture of coconut milk, rice flour and tapioca flour as for Kue Talam Labu Kuning (Steamed pumpkin cake with coconut milk) is just make an extra additional of steamed pumpkin.

The cake is consisting of two layers, the top white layer is made from rice flour and coconut milk mixture and base layer are mixture of steamed pumpkin, coconut milk, rice flour, tapioca flour and egg.

Yesterday, I have all my time to make them in the kitchen and for some reason I’m pretty excited to know the outcome as my imagination was illustrate how creamy and yummy those steamed cakes are. 

It was all paid off! Those steamed cakes have made my tea time routine just like heaven, as equal as blissful treatment

I adapt the recipe from the cookery book which all recipes are written in Indonesian language "Camilan Traditional Indonesia Serba Kukus" and I have to admit that I modified one of the steps to make the steamed cakes practically easy by process the base layer ingredients using an electric blender. 

This time, I really need to spoil you with several simple steps pictures so that you would have the full encouragement to make it at home.

I hope you finds these pictures helpful…

Steamed pumpkin cake with coconut milk (Kue Talam Labu Kuning)
Makes 20-21 cups

Ingredients for the Base layer

180g steamed pumpkin
200ml thick coconut milk
50g rice flour
25g tapioca flour
90g sugar
2 whole eggs
½ teaspoon sea salt


Vegetable oil for greasing
Pandan leaves for presentation

Ingredients for the top layer

180ml thick coconut milk
40g rice flour
½ teaspoon sea salt


Making the base layer
Combine steamed pumpkin, coconut milk, rice flour, tapioca flour, sugar, eggs and sea salt in a jug of an electric blender and process until smooth. let the better breath before starts pouring into the cups mold.

Making the top layer
In a bowl, combine coconut milk, rice flour and sea salt, stir well with a metal spoon until smooth. Set aside

Preparing the cups mold
Lightly grease each cup mold with vegetable oil and arrange on top of a tray.

Set the steamer on top of the stove over medium heats and when the steamer is ready, slightly lower the heat.

Wrap the lid of the steamer with a clean kitchen towel in purpose to catch the steam so that the cakes would have smooth surface.

Fill each cup with the base layer mixture up to 2/3 parts of each cup.
Steam around 5-6 cups in every batch about 8-10 minutes. if you have a large size steamer, you can make up the number in every batches.

When the base layer is done steaming and set, open the lid and carefully adding the coconut mixture top layer over the base layer with a metal spoon, steam about 5-8 minutes or until set.
Repeat the process until the batter of the two layer mixture are used.

When the cakes are cool to handle, remove from the cup mold.

Arrange in serving plate or bamboo tray lined with banana leaves and serve as snack or dessert.

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