Tempe Mendoan, savoury tempe fritter

Tempe is identically Indonesia, a popular product of Indonesian that well known to most people across the country. 
As a staple of protein, most Indonesian knows how to make tempe to be their comfort food as side dishes or snacks.
Tempemendoan is basically an easy recipe to follow, a thin slices tempe coated with spiced batter and deep fried. Although I’m very strict with deep-fried snacks or anything deep-fried yet tempe mendoan is in my list to my home-cook side dishes/snacks that I’m not going to missed them.


250g tempe – thinly slices 1 cup flour 4 cloves garlic 2 candlenuts (kemiri) 2 teaspoons coriander seed 1 teaspoon whole white paper  ½ teaspoon turmeric powder 3 stalks spring onion-finely slices Salt to taste Sufficient amount of water (its to make the batter) Oil for deep frying 

Thinly slices the tempe, set aside
Grind into a paste, garlic, candlenuts, coriander seeds, white paper, turmeric powder (fresh turmeric root) and salt -- I’m using Indonesian gri…

Sambal dabu dabu from Manado, one of famous condiment among Indonesian sambal

Sambal is chilli base, which is normally used as a condiment, its very popular in Indonesia and it can be very very spicy
Sambal dabu-dabu is Manadonese style condiment and it has similar looks with salsa but the taste dramatically different, sambal dabu-dabu is giving fiery chilli in it and characterised by the adding of lemon basil ‘daun kemangi’
The basic method to make this lip-smacking sambal is very simple, cutting, slicing and mixing all up the ingredient 
Amongst to many different kind of Indonesian sambal, sambal dabu-dabu is one of the easiest Indonesian’s condiment to make at home, it can be serves along with other Indonesian’s main dishes such grilled fish, fried fish, kidney bean soup (sup brenebon)

Sambal Dabu-Dabu serves 2

2 medium size tomato, diced 5 Shallots, diced 5 Bird eye Chilli, thinly slice ½ Lime, take the juice Some lemon basil leaves (daun kemangi) Salt to taste 

Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and season with salt. Add some slices lemon …

Sambal Sere Tabia Bali, Traditional Indonesian sambal from Bali

Sambal sere tabia (Balinese pronounce as 'sambel') literally known as sambal terasi khas Bali, is one of fiery condiments amongst Balinese cuisine and also a common Balinese style sambal that every house of Balinese people in Bali know how to make, sere means terasi (Indonesian dried shrimps paste and fermented) while tabia means, chilli (cabe). 
Although there are some variations on how to make sambal sere tabia in which I know that is every family has its own method and preferable, but the basic ingredients are always the same. 
Im writing the recipe here in order to recall my culinary trips down to a popular local warung in Tabanan regency, which i can simply explain, warung is a traditional small restaurant, a  family owned-business runs by family members. 

It was a moment, while on my way to the place, the exciting food trail offered me lush green padi field and beautiful sunset in front of me, we were experienced some delicious authentic Balinese food serves with sambal ser…

How To Make Kkakdugi Radish Kimchi

Kkakdugi or diced radish kimchi is a variety of kimchi in Korean cuisine, it’s year around kimchi that included as one of popular banchan.  There’s an origin history about it, which is written in Wikipedia and its worthy of note in Korean gastronomy.
Its an easy kimchi to make with simple method too, somehow, the only time consume are the preps and fermentation dated, I don’t judge factually as I love fermented goods.
Here is the recipe of Korean diced radish kimchi (Kkaduki), it is from my personal cook book collections “The kimchee cookbook, fiery flavors and cultural history of Korea’s dish” A highly seasoned pickle white radish with Korean chilli-peppers, featuring  tasty and crunchy radish.

Kkadugi  'cubed radish kimchi'

7 medium-sized white radishes 170 coarse salt 2,5 litter water 1/3 cup fish sauce ¼ cup Korean red-hot chilli peppers  2 tablespoons garlic paste 2 tablespoons ginger paste Sugar to taste (I used raw sugar) 10 scallions cut into 3cm lengths

Rice porridge formu…

How To Make Kimchi

My interest to the Kimchi world begins when I start to live in other country about decade ago, in which my enormous interest to the home-cooking. Besides that, I also begin to like some tv program such food and travel, food history and also understanding cuisines from different countries, not too forget of collecting cooking book, It was amazing
Kimchi is the most well-known Korean food out there and I love to read everything about that, including how to make Kimchi. I own a kimchi cooking book with 80 recipes inside, “ The Kimchee Cookbook” Fiery flavors and cultural history of Korea’s national dish, a book that giving me information of Korean gastronomic food.
Making kimchi at home just like a ritual and I found it so much fun to do, from the preps until done. However, the most exciting moment when it’s done fermented, checking the bubbles on kimchi liquids, taste it and refrigerated.
Last but not least, on this post, I referred kimchi recipe from the kimchi queen Maangchi, her magneti…

Nasi Serai - Lemongrass Rice

When it come to rice, I mean steamed rice, I would include on my daily basis diet with proper portion in order not missing out on some essential minerals required for good health. It is often believed by common myth that eating rice daily, can lead to belly fat and build unhealthy fat in the body, but if you consumed in right quantities, it's nothing to worry about.
Being an Indonesian, rice has been one of the most consumed staples on my diets, eating delicious Indonesian food with some variety side dishes along with sambal, it wouldn’t complete without rice. 
Instead of having regular steamed rice, here I will share some of personal recipe, homemade lemongrass rice with kaffir lime leaf, easy to make at home using a rice cooker



1 ½ cups premium jasmine rice 1/3 cup water 3 stalks lemongrass, lightly brush with any kitchen tool to release the flavour. 3 kaffir lime leaves, wash clean, torn  Himalayan salt to taste

You need a rice cooker


Run the tap water, whi…