Mix Fruit Ice, Es Campur Surabaya

This is another variation of Indonesian cold dessert Mix fruit ice (Es campur Surabaya), after I write up a similar recipe as "Indonesian style mix fruit ice".

The only thing that makes the cold dessert distinctive is that I have fashioned an idea how to just simply carried away for your picnic, it’s so cool, you’ll see through the pictures and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Es campur (Indonesia style mix fruit ice) is the simplest cold dessert that very easy to make, moreover, its always loved by all Indonesian. It is one of the perfect dessert, is just a way out if I ran out of time for an invited guest and needed to have a yummy-cold dessert to serves. 

I call this recipe as it brought me back to an unforgettable memory of the small town that I always longed for, a small city, where I was born and grew up,
“ How I wish I could be able to visit the town over again ”.

It was pretty clear when I recall, it just seems like yesterday, knowing if I’ve got a special treat from my parents that because I’ve done a good work. They would definitely took me over to my favorite restaurant to have my delicious food and my most wanted dessert “Es campur Surabaya”.

The depot was just so special to my family, which their menu are pretty affordable and the most important thing, I believe that the foods are just cooked with love because they are so yummy! 

So, call it “Depot Surabaya”, is not the kind of fancy restaurant, is just a humble small depot that located at the corner of the storey building. The depot would serves mostly Java food, typical home-cooking food. Are such, Gado-gado, Nasi campur, Nasi goreng, Mie goreng including Es campur Surabaya and many more. 

I love Depot Surabaya just as much, thinking of the place and wondered whether still exist.

I adapt the fruit ingredients to my liking, but I really cant effort not to include the chocolate pudding, I would say, it’s a must, as the original Es campur Surabaya has it, so that makes the cold dessert remain signature, memorable and original! 

Finally, it comes the idea, “Indonesian mix fruits ice in mason jar”

Lovely idea: 
Whenever you have plan for an outdoor picnic with friends or family, this Es campur in mason jar is really cool idea, cute and rockin’!

Mix all the ingredients in a big container (see the recipe below)stir well to combine

Simply Fill up the mason jar with the Mix fruit ice mixture, firmly screw the lid to close the jar. 

Arrange and pack up in the chiller and ready to rock your outdoor picnic.

I would not specify the quantity of every ingredient in the recipe below.
You can make as much as you wish, feel free to substitute and modified the fruit according to your liking. 
Always keep the variant fruit in a separate airtight container, refrigerated up to 3 days.

Mix fruit Ice (Es Campur Surabaya)


Whole soursop fruit
Peel and cut into chunk-remove the seeds. Reserved in a Container

Mandarine orange, canned
Transfer into a container and close.

Kolang kaling (young white meat fruit from palm tree). Store bought.
Braised with pandan leaves or vanilla pod, add some sugar 
(I just leave them as is without adding any food coloring). Reserved in a Container

Black grass jelly (cincau hitam)
Store bought-cubed.

Fermented cassava (Tape singkong)
Slice into chunk. Reserved in a Container

Tulsi seeds (Biji selasih)
Soak up in a hot water and let it stand until transculant.

Chocolate pudding,
I made according the packet instructions. Once it set, cut into cube. Easy!

Almond mango pudding,
I made according the packet instructions. Once it set, cut into cube. Easy!

Rose syrup, store bought

Condense milk


Plenty ice cubes/crushed ice/shaved ice 

Some mint leaves for garnish (optional)


In a dessert bowl, add equal portion of the selections fruit, add some rose syrup and condense milk. 

Topping with some shaved ice/crushed ice/ice cubes, add small amount of plain water. Drizzled with rose syrup and condense milk.

Garnish with mint leaves and serve as cold dessert. Enjoy!

Fruit selection idea:
Rock melon, young coconut meat including the coconut water, pineapple, nata de coco, avocado, strawberry, tapioca Perl.


Vania said…
Wooow... Super pretty pictures Ira...
Seger banget keliatannya. Mau yg byk sirsaknya ya...
mycookinghut said…
Looks so refreshing!
Ira Rodrigues said…
Thank you Vania! sama dong, aku juga suka extra sirsak hihi
Ira Rodrigues said…
Thanks Lemeei
Anonymous said…
Great photograph and fancy plated as always....
i love to add some jack fruit, canned longan and never missed stewed red bean,
btw, nemu basil seed kalengan itu dmn mbak???
Ira Rodrigues said…
Thank you Dedy!

Es campur kl pakek nangka ntar jd es teler dong :)

Oh, itu biji selasih kering beli ditoko lokal, cuman setelah akus eduh air panas aku taruh di kaleng buat foto2
Kulsum said…
this sounds like something my mom makes. lovely.
Ira Rodrigues said…
Thank you for coming here and make a comment.
have a nice day kulsum!
SeasonWithSpice said…
If I were a little kid, I would go crazy with your pretty bowl of dessert, Ira. Such a delightful presentation you have! Tulsi seeds & soursop...I miss those stuff!
Unknown said…
Iraaaa...pinternya dikau yah...miss u...btw es campur Surabaya nya..hmmm...ueeenak tenan...

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