Baked Macaroni Schotel

I was actually planning to make a simple mozzarella cheese stick for our snack on that day and imagining of decent fresh salad to go with. Since I have a packet of my favorite cracked peppercorn cheddar *sharp and crumbly, I was thinking that it would be perfect touched for the salad. After thinking again and recalled my earlier day, how I love to spent my chilly and peaceful rainy season with my macaroni schotel.

The whole scene of mozzarella stick and salad was turn-off and I said forget it, I made my mind to bake the macaroni schotel. The recipe adapted-taken on line from few links. I have kept it recipe in my folder very long time ago at the time when my cooking interest was hot and really happening and today I adapt the recipe all over again.

The very simple method dish and of course yummy—the unique unity name of dish between Italian and Dutch *Macaroni and Schotel, it become once upon a time famous dish in Indonesia ever since.

Baked Macaroni Schotel


1½ cups dried elbow macaroni.
4 eggs
100ml milk
100ml evaporated milk
½ cup grated cheddar
2 tbsp cracked pepper crumbly-sharp cheddar (optional)
½ cup ground beef
½ cup chopped onions
1 cloves garlic, chopped
½ tsp white pepper powder
½ tsp ground nutmeg
salt to taste

Cheesy topping sauce

100ml milk
100ml evaporated milk
1 heaping spoons butter
1 1/2 tablespoon flour
1 cup grated cheddar

Cheesy topping
1 cup grated cheddar
½ cup grated mozzarella


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C)

Cook macaroni in boiling salted water until the pasta just firm to bite, 
drain the water and set aside

Meanwhile, heats small amount butter in a skillet, 
fry onions until wilted, add ins garlic fry until aromatic.

Add-ins ground beef, nutmeg and white pepper powder, 
season with salt, stir fry until the beef change to dark colour,
remove skillet from fire. 

Break the eggs in a small bowl, beat using a fork-set aside.

Place macaroni in a big bowl, add–ins beef spiced and pour in the milk, 
evaporated milk, eggs, grated cheddar cheese 
and crumbly cheddar *if using
season with salt if necessary.
Buttered casserole dish * I used 18cm 7 inches baking tray
pour-ins the mixture, bake for 25 minutes

Make the cheesy sauce,

Mix the milk with flour in a bowl
Heats butter in a skillet over medium fire, add-ins the milk mixture
Stir well until its thicken, add-in grated cheddar cheese
Remove from fire and set a side

When the macaroni is cooked, remove from the oven.

Pour in the cheesy sauce over the macaroni, 
(smooth with rubber spatula)

To finish the whole dish, topping with grated cheddar cheese 
 and grated mozzarella

Bake for about 10-15 minutes or 
until the cheese perfectly melt and browned.


Anonymous said…
Baked to golden brown?! indeed! Its texture look so smooth :)
mycookinghut said…
Looks absolutely appetising!
kankana said…
I am glad you decided to make this. I love baked pasta or plain cooked pasta .. and this I have to make someday :)
Ira Rodrigues said…
jess, *hi-five...happy cooking!
Ira Rodrigues said…
kankana, bake pasta always one of our favorite :)
M Hood said…
I've been making this for awhile and only today I found out how to write schotel correctly!! LOL!!!

As an Indonesian living in US for 20 years, during the first years, I've missed lots of Indonesian cooking, and no, the Chinese restaurants can't substitute for homemade Indonesian dishes :p However, fortunately, now I have my mum around to help me cook Indonesian food. And she's been very generous and educational in the kitchen.

But for those who don't have mums/grandmums/ aunties around to teach them, your website is a great website to read, very easy to understand, fun to read and just plain awesome and I have high praise for the photographs taken. Beautiful!!!

Thank you for doing this website.
Ira Rodrigues said…
@M Hood Glad to know that you have found my blog is useful and thank you to letting me know this, I appreciate it!

Happy cooking and warm hello from Bali
Ira Rodrigues said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
asti said…
Hi Mba Ira..I love your blog sooo muchh :)

I'm wondering what kind of cheese has the similar taste like our Indonesian cheddar cheese (usually the common brand like Kr*ft)?
I noticed the Cheddar cheese i found at local store in here ( Houston, or US local store in general ) have different taste with our cheddar cheese. Do they have different name for that kind of cheese in here? For me, the cheddar cheese in here tasteless and not that salty. Will this Macaroni Schotel get the same taste result if i just use the cheddar cheese from the local store in here?
Thanks ;)
Ira Rodrigues said…
@asti Thank you asti.

Well, as i know, Us has different kind of cheddar cheese, if i not mistaken it call American cheddar cheese, it has vibrant orange in color. For you to know that Every country produced different quality of cheddar cheese.

To tell you the truth, I used Begga cheddar cheese made from Australia, it very tasty and sharp in overall flavor. To me Kr*ft is not as tasty as in the earlier day *when i was teen, that the reason I go for Begga nowadays.

You can use cheddar cheese from your local market and modified by adding sea salt to make tastier and i believe that the result will be more or less the same.

Happy cooking Asti!
Anonymous said…
Hi Mbak Ira!

Love this blog at the first sight. It's so neat and clean; a smart blog. The food photography is professional too. Just love it! :)

Ooooh, how I miss Indonesian foods!!! Thank you for creating this blog. I'll give this recipe a try someday, love macaroni schotel. Btw, may I ask, what is "evaporated milk"? Is it the same as sweet condensed milk (susu kental manis). Thanks in advance.

Best of luck!
ira rodrigues said…
Thank you for the Great comments and im glad knowing that you like my work.

Well, Evaporated milk translete as Susu evaporasi, kalo di Indonesia biasanya dijual merk F&N, but if could not find it,just simply skip it out and replace with regular milk, hope it helps. Happy cooking for you!
f1gurl said…
Hi, Mbak Ira.
Stumbled upon your blog when looking for macaroni schotel recipe. I lost my recipe book from my teenage days, along with a plethora of my favourite recipes :-(

Just to add to the evaporated milk thingy, another (very) common brand in Indonesia is "Bear Brand".
ira rodrigues said…
Hope my macaroni schotel recipe keep you happy now :)
happy cooking!

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