Urap Sayur recipe

Urap-urap sayuran is blanched vegetables with the dominant of tantalizing kencur (kaempferia galanga) and kaffir lime leaf aroma, besides healthy it also content tremendous source of complete nutrient and high in fiber, delicious!
This dish *you can call it as salad, is typical Javanese cuisine and it can be serves as side dish among the variety main dishes or it can be eaten on its own too. It creates an amazing fresh colour from the diversity vegetables on a plate.

The key ingredient to make urap-urap is actually lies on the carefulness pick of the coconut *choose for the correct--not fully firm coconut flesh if you press (setengah tua ), in purpose to get a sweet and rich taste from the flesh. It may available for ready to use Srilankan grated coconut *fresh* at the chilled sections store.

There are no rules or more advises for what kind of vegetables are great to make urap-urap, the selection Its up to you--texture, color, leafy or velvety kind, it all doesn’t matter, you can go for the vegetables which make you happy and suitable for your diet, Be free and give something new to your salad!

Urap-urap sayuran  
Javanese style blanched vegetable in spicy grated coconut 


You can be the boss,
by choosing your own variety selections of your preferable veggies.
( I use white Chinese cabbage ( napa cabbage ), cabbage,  long bean, bean sprouts 
and I experimental with edamame )

* All veggies are preferred blanched to maintain the nutrient contents.

  Spiced paste for coconut mixture :

  2 cups fresh grated coconut,
  2 cloves garlic
  6 shallots
  1 red chilli, chopped
  4-5 bird's eye chillies ( less if don’t like spicy )
  6 kaffir lime leaves, finely chop 
  2 inches kencur (kaempferia galangal), peeled and chopped
  Pinch of shrimp paste (optinal)
  Salt and sugar to taste
  Banana leaves to wrapped--if available

 What to do :

  Blanch all vegetables and make sure do not over cook. Set aside.
    Grind the spice paste ingredients in a blender or using mortar and pestle until    smooth.

    Using a fork or your fingers tip, mix evenly the spice paste with grated coconut  until it change colour to bright orange.

Lay 2 layers of banana leaves on a flat surface, divide two portions of Spiced grated coconut mixture, place the mixture on each layer, wrapped and secure with tooth pick

Get ready the steamer and stem about 15-20 minutes, let to cool when its done.
    Place the vegetables in a big bowl and mix them up using your hands, add the grated coconut mixture, toss it around until the vegetables pieces are coated with coconut.

* Note, keep the balance of spiced coconut grated in the air tight container-- refrigerated for future uses 


Dwiana said…
Ra.... I am coming bring my own plate. I Love urap. Idih gilangan udah lama loh gw gk makan.
PFx said…
with sambel n tempe on the side? Asikkk!!! I miss home now... Hehehe
Ira Rodrigues said…
dwi, kalo nggak males bikin aja kelapa urab nya yg banyakan trus di freezer, jd hemat energi :)

piere, fotonya bikin home sick ya :))
Rere said…
Hi ira, I just came home from my first Indonesian vacation after 9 years away... I ate Urap many times there, my aunt made delicious urap :)
Ira Rodrigues said…
waaahh, asik dong re...pasti puas makan makanan favorite yg 9 thn dikangen-kangen.

* i can feel how u feel when u were here in tanah air and i believe that all were fantastic one, just like having a ride in the roller coaster of culinary indonesian food :) awesome!
Lia Chen said…
I love the idea with edamame and the freshness of the veggies combined together in this 'urap'. Very mouthwatering Ra! (^.^)
Ira Rodrigues said…
lia, indeed :))

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