Oven Roasted honey sweet potato from Cilembu

Ubi madu dari cilembu

Ubi madu Cilembu ( Cilembu honey sweet potato ) is a cultivar of sweet potato from a local race origin ( Cilembu-Sumedang of  West Java). These particular sweet potatoes are popular among the consumers since 1990's. They have certain high economic value as a distinctive flavour, sweet like honey, sticky and velvety as an interesting structure that is favoured by agricultural businesses and consumers

Ubi madu Cilembu is more exceptional than other kind of local sweet potato as it creates sort of honey alike, tacky and sweet and it smells sugary if it oven roasted,  therefore ubi Cilembu also called as honey sweet potato.
In addition to it taste very sugary, the raw honey sweet potato flesh color is also quite interesting where the skin and flesh are in vibrant ivory and then it turns to flushed- yellow once they are roasted.

Oven roasted ubi madu ( sweet honey potato ) from Cilembu West java
The honey sweet potatoes are not suitable for deep-fried, because the high sugar content make it easy to burn as well it isn’t suitable for steaming or boiled because the sweet-honey aroma even vanished.

Most of the merchant doing the business by selling roasted sweet potato in their shop which means they have provided the typical oven, thus you shouldn’t be worry if you don’t have oven in your house. 

As it mentions above that the honey sweet potato aren’t delectable if they are steamed or boiled, so I simply followed by the advised of oven-roasted to prove that what are said is trustworthy.
I do believe howsoever that the simple treat actually doesn’t need a complex way to enjoy, having it as they are roasted, scoop out the flesh and celebrate the afternoon tea with the traditional delicacy is the best ever !

Source Wikipedia in Indonesia language here


Food and story said…
wes...sampeyan dari hari ke hari menyiksa diriku huaa..huaa....:D..iku godong2 an jane godong opo jeng xixixi, sampeyan pancen top. Siji maneh...photo seng bg gelap iku paling asyik.
Ira Rodrigues said…
daun yg dift atas ya? itu daun tumbuh liar disekitar aku tinggal, sika aja sama bentuknya, it almost resemble heart :)
mycookinghut said…
Love ubi cooked this way!
Rere said…
Ra aku kalo beli ubi disini imported dr south america dan persis kayak ubi cilembu ini kalo di bake di oven atau di grill itu keluar madu nya :)
Ira Rodrigues said…
lee mei, simple deliciuous !

rere, feels like home ya re nemu yg kayak ubi cilembu di tmpt kamu :)
@West5thStreet said…
Looks delicious! Your photos are beautiful!!
Ira Rodrigues said…
thank you for vising and dropping a comment:)
I have been eating this honey sweet potatoes ever since I had worked in Sukabumi. Now that I have returned to Singapore since 2006, I have been craving for it. Wonder where can I buy it or is it sold in Batam?
Ira Rodrigues said…
to hendry and edward,
i live in Bali fortunately hence the ubi madu from cilembu are very easy to get in here.

i really have no idea whether it imported further to batam from west java or not, in my opinion that its a torture if we have crave something but could not obtain for it :(
Nessia said…
Dear ka ira,
I just came across your blog when I googled "ubi madu", and I have to say that's a wonderful blog, indonesian taste with appetizing photographs. Am definitely bookmark it!

Back to ubi madu business :) I wonder if there's another way to cook ubi madu, say like pan grilled? Or mashed ubi madu?
Ira Rodrigues said…
Dear nessia, thank you for the visit.

anyway, i have never tried pan fried or grilled, but it worth to try.
mashed after steaming? yes i did, it was when i set menu for my son baby food, just letting you know that steaming process would not gives you the truly sweetened by ubi madu cilembu. but again, its personal preference :)

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