Sambal Cincalok Recipe

June 18, 2017

My interest to Southeast Asian food also included to sambal variety, it is an addicted spicy condiment that I can enjoy!

This time I will write a recipe of sambal cincalok that given from my mother in law, is a traditional Southeast Asian food made of fermented tiny shrimps, pungent taste, salty and sourish.

Sambal cincalok has characteristic fermented foods that are pleasantly stinky and to be frankly not many people could stand the strong aroma.

There is a way to reduce the smell of cincalok overpowering and pungency, add lots of slices shallots, slices bird eye chilli and squeeze up some kalamansi lime to balance the saltiness.

Sambal Cincalok


A bottle of cincalok
15 shallots, slice (the reasons for large amount because Indonesian shallots comes in small sizes)
10 bird eye chilli, finely slices *adjust the spicy level according to your preference
10 whole fresh calamansi juice
7 calamansi peel, finely slices
1 cup warm water


Carefully open the cincalok bottle (do not shake the bottle)

Place a sieve over a bowl, pour-in cinacalok to separated the fermented shrimps and the juice, keep aside the juice

Rinse cincalok with warm water to reduce high contain of salt

In a mixing bowl, place cincalok and the remaining ingredient, shallots, chilli, calamansi juice and calamansi peel

Mix thoroughly until all combine, add 3-4 cincalok juice, add more juice if needed
*discard the remaining cincalok juice as it contains lots of salt

Serves as condiment

keep sambal cincalok in a jar or airtight glass container, refrigerator up to 2 weeks

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