Tapis at Kayumanis Jimbaran Bali and recipes sharing, Bebek Betutu and Klepon Nila Sari

November 11, 2014

We were charm by special authentic gastronomic experience at Tapis restaurant Kayu Manis Jimbaran Bali, which is carried the exquisite flavors of Indonesia cuisines and the divine taste of the dishes would never be wrong. 
The whole treat ware indulge and satisfaction!

Tapis at Kayumanis Jimbaran is an intimate restaurant nestled within the walls of a classic Balinese compound and beneath the shade of the estates towering grove of coconut palms. 
This elegant restaurant also comprising a traditionally thatched pavilion is partially enclosed to dine in air-conditioned comfort. Table settings are also arranged outside on a timber deck next to a refreshing body of water for a more tropical dining experience. Tantalising meals at Tapis are prepared in an open-concept kitchen by a team of culinary professionals.

The menu at Tapis takes guests on a flavoursome journey across the diverse regions and cultures of the Indonesian archipelago. Locally sourced Jimbaran Bay seafood is a particular highlight especially when infused with aromatic Balinese spices. A generous Rijstaffel feast for two is a delicious sampler menu created to showcase a range of Indonesian dishes and cooking styles.

Tapis restaurant has it’s own signature breakfast as everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Tapis serves a signature menu of á la carte favorites to give energy levels a healthy boost. From gourmet delights such as Truffle Eggs and Kayumanis (Cinnamon) Toast to local dishes like Traditional Balinese Rice Porridge, all taste preferences have been taken into careful consideration.             

Appetites are satisfied at Tapis for lunch and dinner with an exceptional menu of authentic Indonesian cuisine. Popular á la carte dishes such as Sop Buntut (oxtail soup) and Iga Bakar Bumbu Madu (grilled sweet pork ribs) are layered with exotic flavors to please the palate. The Rijstaffel feast for two is the perfect introduction to the tastes of Indonesia featuring lots of different dishes in small portions.

Tapis provides a relaxing ambience for in-house guests to enjoy pre-dinner cocktails and canapés every day during their stay. It is a stylish Balinese setting to gather socially with likeminded travellers whilst savoring a superb array of refreshments.

A special calendar of culinary events at Tapis covers major festive occasions such as Christmas and New Year for the pleasure of in-house guests. Each event is meticulously styled to bring east and west traditions together for a celebration filled with happy memories.

Discover how to cook authentic Indonesian fare the Kayumanis way. This unique learning adventure involves a visit to the traditional Jimbaran seafood market to select the key ingredients you will need for your private cooking lesson with a Kayumanis chef in the convenience of your own villa kitchen. Our Chef will personally accompany you to a colorful and vibrant local marketplace to select and purchase everything you will require for the activity. The cooking lesson is guaranteed to enrich your home recipes and provide you with some memorable insight into the richness of Balinese daily life, culture and traditions. A Certificate, recipes fact sheet and gift will be awarded to you at the end of the lesson.

Cooking lesson for your little ones is also available on request. Our Chef will show your little ones how to prepare healthy and nutritious meals and beverages, it definitely a skill that they will bring back to home

Tapis is led by Chef Oka who developed his passion for food from an early age by watching his grandmother cook at home in the Balinese village of Negari in Klungkung. Every day he would help prepare meals for the family using fresh ingredients straight from the garden. After completing his college studies, Chef Oka had the opportunity to cultivate his culinary skills at a Restaurant under the guidance of a talented Balinese chef.

A two year stint at the prestigious Resort enhanced Chef Oka’s culinary repertoire as he cooked for high-end guests from around the globe. He returned home to Bali in 2006 to join the opening team of Kayumanis Jimbaran Private Estate & Spa. After several years working behind the scenes, Chef Oka is now responsible for introducing the flavours of authentic Indonesia cuisine to enthusiastic diners.



1 whole duck 
Balinese spice paste (ingredients bellow)                                        
5 Salam leaves
Salt to taste                                               
A good pinch of white pepper powder
Banana leaf for wrapping, substitute aluminum foil

Balinese Spice Paste

20 gr  lesser galangal (kencur)
45 gr   garlic
200gr  shallots
24 gr   galangal
10 gr  turmeric
10 gr  white turmeric
13 gr  ginger 
 3 candlenut
10 gr shrimppaste 
1 stalk lemongrass stalk                                      
8gr  coriander seed  
2 lime leaves 
3 pcs cloves 
2 Indonesian bay leaves (daun salam) 
10 gr black pepper substitute white pepper
10 gr  Palm sugar
0,5  tsp nutmeg (powder) 
200 ml vegetable oil

100 gr red chilli, deseeded and slice 

Balinese Spice Paste Instructions

Blend the garlic, shallots, galangal, turmeric, white turmeric, ginger, candlenut, shrimp paste, lemongrass and chilli with a bar blender until a fine paste.
Heat a little oil in a pan and sauté the blended ingredients.
Add in all of the remaining ingredients and continue to sauté. The paste is cooked once it starts to emit a fragrance and the oil separates. Set aside to cooling down.
Once the spice paste has cool down, place it in a jar and refrigerate.

The spice paste can be kept for several weeks but should be reheated every 4 days to maintain the flavour.

Preparation / Cooking Method
Seasoning  the duck with salt and pepper, add Balinese spice paste and spread evenly until the duck coating with the spice paste. Place salam leaves on top of the duck before wrapping process.

Wrap the duck mix with balinese spices into several layer of banana leaves .

Steam for 1 hour or until tender

Kelepon Nila Sari 
150 gr 5 portions


500 gr Rice Flour
500 gr purple sweet potato
300 gr Glutinous Rice Flour
250 gr Palm Sugar
100 gr pandan Leaves
250 gr Grated Coconut
250 ml Water

Cooking Method

Boil water, set aside and then mix the sticky rice flour and mashed sweet potato. Add in rice flour.  
Mix the flour mixture until firm to be flexible dough, take the dough around a teaspoonful and shape it into a ball with approximately 2.5 cm (1 inch) diameter.

Push a finger into the center of the ball to make a hole, and put in approximately 0.5 tsp of the grated sugar. Seal and roll it back into the ball shape with the palms of your hands.

Boil the water in a pot, place the sweet potato balls in a boiling water, when the balls starts to float, remove them form boiling water using a ladle
Roll the ball in the grated coconut.

Finish up with a scoop of Ice cream on side for a better presentation.

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