Torch Ginger Sambal Recipe (sambal bongkot Bali)

November 05, 2014

As you expect by the name, this is a unique and fragrant relish in many different kind of Balinese sambal. Torch Ginger Relish (sambal bongkot/sambal Kecombrang) is another desired fresh relish besides Sambal Matah Bali, it also represent Balinese cuisine. The exotic flavor from the characteristic local dish and turning it into something appetizing and luscious.

Torch ginger is one of surprising flavors in South Asian cooking, when fiery bright pink of the bud have thinly sliced or shredded it becomes a spice in many salads, sambal, sauces and soups. Torch ginger also used a common flavoring in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia especially in Bali  

Torch ginger is not because related ginger family, but because leaves reassembles those of ginger plant until the plants flowers it looks very similar to a ginger plant.

In Bali, the bud (kecicang), the very young shoot called bongkot is used to make Sambal Bongkot along with shallots, chili and toasted shrimp paste (terasi)

Since torch ginger is a flower and most available in the market, look for as fresh as possible, the flower should be plump and should be no bruising or dryness on the outer petals.

I do falling in love with this simple sambal, until more time and again I’ve made my own experiments by mixing the sambal with grilled seafood such squids, prawns, green muscles or fish and for the truest truth that the modified sambal has always come up with the perfect taste.

There is no sambal like this in Indonesia, very simple yet aromatic fresh sambal from Bali, it is very different, easy to make that would give you the most delectable condiment ever!

Fresh Torch Ginger Sambal


12 shallots, thinly slice
2 buds of torch ginger flower, thinly slice
1 lemongrass, take the white part and thinly slice
4 bird eye chilies, slice
4 green thai chili, slice
6-7 tablespoons virgin coconut oil
Salt to taste


In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients. Using a metal spoon, stir the mixture until well combined, well seasoned with salt as your desire 
Place onto a serving plate and dish up as condiment.

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