Garlic Sambal (Sambal Bawang Putih)

July 15, 2014

In Indonesia, sambal is so popular, the vibrant color and the appearances just tells us the level of addictiveness once it taste and I don’t think you would stop eating your meal if the sambal you have just goes very well with the dish, I bet you on this.

Sambal is beyond doubt and unquestionably appetising, it makes an excellent condiment for many Indonesian dishes and for the love of sambal, I think I need to share this recipe, as I want you to experience the same as I do.

To me, sambal is not only impressive, it’s also an exciting condiment that I always die for and I personally enjoy the whole meal of Indonesian food especially accompanying with a fiery sambal.

Many people say that the most important key ingredients to make great sambal is Terasi also known as belachan (fermented shrimp), however I can tell you the truth that not all sambals would required Terasi, I can prove you in this post by scrolling down to the recipe section.

If you’re dislike terasi but you’re devoted to sambal or cant live without it, then you have found the new love and you might thanking me for this recipe *flying with no wings.

Garlic sambal (Sambal bawang) is actually my “Top” favorite sambal of all sambal recipes that I have, as the fact that I would describe the fiery level as “Oh My God”, it darn so good!

This sambal recipe is truly delivers it characteristic as the perfect quantity of garlics and chilies were tremendous satisfaction, it taste perfect and so addictive!

Garlic Sambal (Sambal Bawang Putih)
Serves 6 or more


160 grams cloves garlic, peeled
80 grams birds eyes chilies
120 mililiter ( ½ cup) vegetable oil
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt


In a non-stick pan, stir fry the whole chilies and garlics until wilted about 2 minutes. Removed from the non-stick pan and place into a plate.

Transfers the sautéed garlics and chilies in a food processor and process.

Heat the oil in a non-stick over medium heats, add the processed garlic and chili mixture and seasons with sugar and salt.

Stir continuously until it cooked and aromatics, about 15 minutes.

Remove the pan from the heats and cool down completely. Using a spoon, transfers the mixture into a clean and sterilized jar.

Wisely season the sambal according to your taste, if you think you need to add more salt or more sugar, please do so

To make the sambal taste yummier, you may add chicken bouillon with “no MSG added”, here I used Maggie block product.

The sambal doesn't generally require refrigeration, as the oil would keep it stay longer

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