Resep Urap-urap Sayur (Java style vegetables salad)

April 30, 2014

I think of humble sides dish to be post out, with the simple taste that has characteristic of Indonesian cuisine and at the same time wanting to insert it to my collection here. I call it Urap Sayur Java style, I borrowed the recipe from my mother as it always reminds me of my younger time, this dish actually is one of my favorite foods and I can munch non-stop, because is so addictive. 

Urap also spelled as urab or is a vegetable salad dish cooked (boiled) mixed with grated spiced coconut as giving the flavor.Urap commonly found in Indonesian cuisine, but if traced, derived from Javanese cuisine treasures. Urap contains no meat at all, and can be eaten alone as a vegetarian diet or as vegetable sides to rice as part of a full meal.

Well, I have two different kind of Urap sayur recipe in my tag, here and here, the fact that this one is definitely less tedious but the taste is undoubtedly delicious.
It can be serves with Pepes Ikan, Ayam Goreng, Ayam Pelalah or Sate Lilit Ayam.


To me, it is a perfect warm salad, loads with nutrition, very attractive and gives diversity texture into the mouth. The most essential element of this warm salad is spiced grated coconut, you can make it anytime, refrigerated for up to 3 days but of course it taste much better if it fresh, *I don’t recommend to keep the spiced grated coconut longer than 3 days.

To be honest, I still have a hard time the way ‘how to choose good quality coconut flesh, especially for this dish and I still rely on the peddler, they would help me out and precisely select for the decent one.

Despite, I have a good news of ‘Decent selecting coconut and Use and I’ve been keeping this notes quite long ago in my document folder. Believe it or not, I still reading it before buying a coconut and the fact I do the practice right away in the market. Practice makes perfect *smile

Despite, I have a good news of ‘Decent selecting coconut and use and I’ve been keeping this notes quite long ago in my document folder, believe it or not, I still reading it before buying a coconut and act to practice right away in the market. Practice makes perfect *smile

Selecting and Using Coconut:
Select from those with rich brown shells if you wish to press fresh milk or grated.
Inside, the thick flesh should be a pure white color, if it has started to yellow, it most probably is rancid.
Besides the thickness of the flesh, you can usually tell whether a coconut is old enough to yield creamy milk by looking at a cross-section of the shell.
A well-matured one would have developed a very hard, chocolate-brown inner shell, this is the shell that can be carved to make implements/decorative items

Coconuts with lighter brown shells generally are not as fully matured, the meat is delicious as a snack in itself, or shredded to make fillings and toppings for snack foods, appetizers and desserts.
Milk pressed from these coconuts may be less creamy than good brands of canned coconut milk but its flavor can be fresher and tastier and although this milk is not quite creamy enough for curries and certain kinds of desserts, it adds a fragrant nuttiness to coconut soups that makes them heavenly!

Good luck!

Urap-Urap Sayur
Java warm salad with spiced grated coconut


10 pcs Long beans
6-7 pcs Napa cabbage leaves
10 pcs Winged beans
300g freshly grated coconut
Banana leaf for wrapping

**You can choose your preferable vegetables
all vegetables preferably cuts into bite pieces

Spices for grated coconut mixture
3-4 red chili, finely slice
3 bird aye chilies, finely chopped
4 eye ball size Kencur (kaempferia galangal), peel and chopped
6 kaffir lime leaves, midrib removed, finely slice
Pinch of toasted shrimp paste (optinal)

Make the ratio of 2:1, as the coconut dressing should taste slightly sweet

* Boil All the vegetables but maintain the texture for the nutrient contents.


Using mortar and pestle (cobek) grind the spices to a fine paste.

Using a fork or your fingers tip, evenly mix the spice mixture with grated coconut.

Place the banana leaf onto flat surface, place the coconut mixture, wrapped and secure with toothpicks. Steam for about 15 minutes.

Boiled the water in a deep pot with high heat, once it boil lower to medium heat.

Boiled all the vegetable by batches *they’re should not mix.
Tip: Plunge the vegetable into ice-cold water to maintain the texture and color.

Place the vegetables in a big bowl and mix them up using your hands, add the grated coconut mixture, toss it around until the vegetables pieces are coated.

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