Rica-Rica Recipe

July 02, 2013

Cooking an Indonesian food has always magnetized me, seeing that most of every dish will be required the use of freshest spices in order to make the most delicious food with outstanding flavor.

Like many other cook, I like simple home-cooked meals on a daily basis and doesn’t have to be time consuming, however the most important thing to me is cooking quick and easy, tasty and satisfying!

Frankly, I absolutely enjoyed eating hot spicy food, is just like a treatment at the same time thrilling for the soul. I can’t imagine if I have to live without chili to make my food sensational and exciting when it serves on the dining table.

Staying near by the traditional fish market is just like great benefit to me so I can cook fish dishes and serve it fresh at anytime for my family.

For you to know, if you cook fresh fish, the meat is definitely tastes sweeter than frozen one, means that you cook a gourmet cuisine for entire family! Who were not devoured by the quality such the food like that?

Well, This recipe is actually a modification recipe and I surely think that everyone could make it at home. 
The fun starts were from the cooking method, you could see only implicate slicing and frying, and for the main ingredients are easy to find or substitute.

If you may wonder what is Lemon Basil, perhaps never herd about it or you ever herd but could not find it, is popular herbs that has strong fragrant lemon scent and is grown primarily in Southern Asia including Indonesia. Somehow, Lemon basil leaves are similar with Basil leaves, but the leaves tend to be narrower.

Lemonbasil is the only basil used much in Indonesian cuisine, where it is called kemangi, it is often eaten raw or used to season certain Indonesian dishes like to my fried fish with lemon basil today recipe.

Fried fish with Lemon Basil
serves 2


500g whole red snapper fish. Scaled, gutted and cut into 4 pieces
16 shallots, peeled and finely slice (I used small size shallots)
3 red chilies, deseeds and thinly slice
6-7 bird eye chili, thinly slice
1 tomato, chopped
A bunch of Lemon Basil, washed and torn
Some fresh Lemon Basil for presentation
Sea salt to taste
Oil for frying


Heat up the oil in a nonstick frying pan over medium fire, shallow fry the fish until golden brown at both sides, Fry 2 slices fish at one time. 
When the fish are perfectly fried, remove from the hot oil and place them on a plate lined with kitchen towel. Reserved for later use.

Heat up the oil in a wok approximately 3 tablespoons, add in sliced shallots and fry until aromatic about 2 minutes.

Add in sliced red chili, bird eye chili and chopped tomato and stir fry until well combined. Season with sea salt

Add in fried fish, give it a good stir and make sure the fish are well coated with the spices. Add in Lemon basil and stir well about 1 minute.

Off the fire and transfer the fish into a serving plate. Garnish with fresh lemon basil for an appealing presentation

Serve immediately with steam Jasmine rice

Cook note:
You may adjust the spicy level according to you liking
I use a slicer to slice the shallots, it gives me nice thin slices.  

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