Coconut Jasmine Rice Recipe (Nasi Uduk)

July 24, 2013

Rice is definitely enjoyed and continue gain popularity in many parts of the world, I can tell you that it’s easy to see why, is delicately tantalizing and satisfying.

Although rice has a relatively low protein content and yet became the ranking order of food preference especially in Asia. According to a source, it provides fully 95 percent of the food intake in Southeast Asia, East Asia and South Asia.

Like I said, Rice also staple food for a majority people in Indonesia and also shares an equally important leading food source throughout the country.

' No meal is complete without rice and no guest can be honorably fed without it'.

I can imagine, the fact, rice is hold up very important role for the people in the world although not few people has to consider the healthy diet by consuming rice for only once a day or alternately.

Coconut rice is not only easy to make but is just makes a great option especially if we gets bored with just plain steam rice. 

Some people prefer making the coconut rice tastier with the dominant flavor of the coconut milk and add up an extra pinch of sea salt.

If you were live in tropical country like I do, where the fresh coconut milk is available in abundance, you would fancy the freshly squished coconut milk to your coconut rice to make it authentic even exotic in overall flavor.

However, there are many version of coconut rice recipe, is just personal choice on how you make it special to be your comfort food, be wild while you’re at your kitchen by experimenting with combinations of the ingredients such how to marry the flavor or perhaps creating your own signature coconut jasmine rice.

As simple as it is, I make my own version to my coconut jasmine rice and it would be light, aromatic and tasty. 
I call for premium jasmine rice as it less starch contain in the grains so that isn’t feel to heavy, on the other hand, I marry the coconut milk with fresh lemongrass stalk with additional fragrant of Pandan leaf.

Coconut jasmine rice has always be a great accompaniment to many of other side dishes, such Asian-style even Western-style, is just versatile and enjoyable!

Well, I include my coconut rice recipe to be quick and easy recipe, it is just simple to follow and you could make your dinner extra special also it can be one of an extraordinary surprise for your guest

Coconut Jasmine Rice
 Serves 2


1 ½ cups premium jasmine rice
1cup light coconut milk (I use freshly squished fresh coconut milk)
1/3 cup water
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1 stalks lemongrass, lightly brush with any kitchen tool to release the flavor.
3 pandan leaves, wash clean, torn and knotted

You need a rice cooker


In a bowl, mix the coconut milk, water and sea salt. Stir well.

Run the tap water, while the water is running, stir the rice and rinse the rice nicely until it comes clear. Drain as much water as you can.

Add the coconut milk mixture, drop in lemongrass and pandan leaves.
Try to push down the pandan leaves until it covered with the rice.

Place the pot into the rice cooker. Cover it, plug the cooker in, and press the switch to turn it on. Let the electric rice cooker works and the rice will cook at the same time. The switch will click, like a toaster when the rice is done

When the rice perfectly cooked, allow the rice to rest in the rice cooker for about 10 minutes before opening the lid.

Cook note :
How much water you add is actually depends on what kind of rice you're cooking and how moist you prefer it, as I mentioned that I use premium jasmine rice, it doesn’t need to add much water when cooking so that the end result would comes nice and light, not the kind of overcooked steam rice which is looks a bit mushy.

If you prefer the technique of “one-finger-push-button” for the water measurements, please do so, as you may know that it is a traditional way that most use by people and always perfectly works!

Keep in mind:

The measuring cup that comes with your rice cooker is not the same size as a standard US measuring cup (240 ml or 1 cup). It's a cup by rice cooker industry standards (180 ml or about 3/4 cup). Unless the recipe calls specifically for rice cooker cup measurements, you'll need to adjust your measurements accordingly.

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