Sauna Eggs Korean Style

June 19, 2013

I was electrifying knowing another easy recipe that utterly hooks me, is hard boiled egg Korean style also known as sauna egg, is a popular snack which normally serves at Korean traditional saunas.

It got me thinking by the appearance, I was reading some article and I found it pretty interesting to know about the Korean culture sauna in term of health benefits.

According to a source, the eggs are cooked in the hottest sauna and leave them in there for days as it an authentic way that has been going on for generations to the present.

I can imagine, how these eggs would taste, it must be delicious or perhaps hard to forget once you have a bite. Tantalizing by it appearance, toasty brown, chewy and flavorsome.

I stayed up on my own curiosity, envision my Indonesian way "Telur Pindang (Marble Eggs)", guessing they might more or less tastes the same.

I actually looked it up on how to make them at home, I was doing some research and reading some article from some others cooking blog. I thought it would be interesting at the same time exciting if I give it a try, homemade it with a twist.

Well, these sauna eggs are definitely an easy-to-make at home, only the cooking timing that would cost the pain, nonetheless the taste was worth it, it was super yummy!

My first trial was ok, it sets only for 1 hour cooking timing, which described, the eggs was cooked, steamed and sitting in the rice cooker for 1 hour.
The outcome was just fine, I’m sure that was not at the real taste as explained in the article, it tasted just like an ordinary boiled eggs.

The hit finally was on my second trial, which the eggs were gone through overnight steamed inside the rice cooker, by the next day, I could make a happy face, as the outcome was satisfying. The sauna eggs fantastically were giving the impression, they’re just look the same as the picture I saw.
The smoky flavor and it color just perfectly appear as the detail explained as deliciously authentic Korean style sauna eggs.

Likewise, I was experimenting by leaving the egg steamed for longer than a day in the rice cooker keep at the warm setting* and that definitely tasted palatable too!
So, the longer they are steamed, the more brown and scrumptious they become.

The fact, you’re really don’t need a fancy rice cooker to make your homemade sauna eggs, a simple rice cooker could do an excellent job and would giving the most luscious sauna eggs 

Sauna Eggs Korean Style


6 whole eggs, room temperature *I use organic eggs
2 teaspoons sea salt
¾ cup water

You need a Rice Cooker


Place the eggs in the large bowl, pour in with lukewarm water until the eggs perfectly submerge, soaked and leave them for at least 1 hour. This is actually to prevent the eggs from cracking.

Transfer the eggs into the rice cooker, do not stack the eggs on top of each other, as ideally should only be one layer.

Perfectly dissolved sea salt in the water. Pour the water mixture into the eggs so that covers half of the eggs.

Cook the eggs until the rice cooker automatically switched off into keeps warm setting.

Tip: You may cook up the eggs for the second round by topping up ½ cup water and continue to cook the eggs until the rice cooker automatically switched off into keeps warm setting.

Leave the eggs steamed in the rice cooker overnight, the eggs ready to eat anytime by the next day.

Cooks note:
Making sauna eggs during the day could be done around 8-9 hours steamed up with the same process explained in the direction.

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