Avocado Ice Pops Recipe (Es Lilin Alpukat)

January 31, 2013

Es Lilin (Ice pops) is traditional Indonesian Popsicle made from fresh fruits mix with milk, cream or coconut milk and then being processed through an electric blender until smooth and creamy, Es means Ice and Lilin means Candle

What makes a different between ice pops and Es Lilin is the final presentation, ice pops used a wooden holder while es lilin filled in a tiny plastic tubes bag, secured and tight up with a rubber band. 
Besides entertaining, Es lilin also a great cold dessert that could eased the sore throat and the same time refreshing especially for the summer day.

In the earlier days, Es Lilin has just very basic flavor, coconut sugar (gula jawa) mix with coconut milk. As the time goes by, people start to have their own demand and trying their best to create other appetizing flavor.

Es Lilin is between my dream and past, when I was a kid, I ever dream to have a big freezer so that I could make variants flavor of es lilin, stocked them up nicely and whenever I want to have a cold dessert I just satisfy my demand and choose my favorite flavor, yes… Im a big fans of es lilin and crazy about it. 

It always fun having an ice Popsicle especially if you homemade it so we can possibly work it out to make some innovation with different flavor so that the love one feel cared for.

My mother favorite es lilin flavor is mung bean ice pops (es lilin kacang hijau), a mixture of mung bean and coconut milk but when Durian has its own seasonal, my mother would never ever missed and definitely would love to make it up, Durian flavor (the king of all fruits).

As I recalled, my mother like to make around 3 or 4 different flavor in a very big batches. I love to get involve when my mother making es lilin for the entire family, she would only allowed me to help at the step of filling the mixture into the es lilin plastic bag tubes and forbade me to do the step of securing and tight it up with rubber band, as she said that filling up the mixture is just fitted to my skill at that time.

Today, I'd love to share a recipe of my favorite Es ice pops flavor, Avocado ice pops (es lilin alpukat), it is just simple recipe yet addicted!

Avocado Ice Pops (Es Lilin Alpukat)
Makes 6-7 ice pops depending on the size of the ice pops plastic tube


1 Medium size ripe avocado
¼ cup condense milk
¼ cup evaporated milk
¼ cup fresh milk 
Sufficient amount of sea salt to balance the sweetness

6-7 pieces store bought ice pops plastic tube.


With a sharp knife, cut the avocado lengthwise around the seed. Open the two halves to expose the pit.

Gently tap the pit with a knife with enough force so that the knife edge wedges into the pit, but not so hard as to cut all the way through it. With the edge of the knife, twist the pit out of the avocado and discard.

Use a spoon to easily scoop out the avocado flesh.

In a blender, combine avocado flesh, condense milk, evaporated milk, fresh milk and salt, blend the mixture until smooth and creamy.

Fill up the mixture into a single ice pop plastic bag tube, secure and tight up with rubber band.

Freeze for about 3 hours or until sets *for the big batch definitely needs to freeze longer.

My note:
You can always adjust the sweetness or substitute the evaporated milk with thick cream. 
Feel free to modified my recipe

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