Balinese chicken shallots, Sambal matah ayam

October 26, 2012

On the other night dinner we enjoyed speed-roasted chicken that my husband brought from his hotel occasion so called “Speed-Roasted Dinner”, as the side dishes I made some boiled sweet corn, Butter-garlic long beans and cauliflower in white sauce. What I like the most is the taste of the roasted bird, aromatic and flavorsome, it was no doubt delicious!

The stuffing was mixture of bread crumbs and Italian herbs, oh I thought that was the most delicious roasted chicken I ever had. The overall flavour was just perfect to my taste.

I am so being inspired, knowing that I still have sufficient portion left-over just perfect for the lunch so I was thinking to starts all the fun.  

For some reason, I thought of Sambal Matah *Balinese spicy side dish, Im bringing all the idea and wanted the creation would present to it best! Turn the classic dish into a unique signature dish and I’m literally come up with the recipe of Balinese Chicken shallots/Sambal matah ayam with my twist.

Somehow, I made this recipe idea with no fuss ingredients, you can always use store-bought roasted chicken, perhaps your own signature recipe roasted chicken or just simply pan-grilling the chicken, all are fine! 

Balinese Chicken shallots, Sambal matah ayam
Serves 4


400g roasted chicken
15 shallots (I use Indonesian shallots, they are tiny and tasty)
8 bird eye chillies
2 stalks lemongrass
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 teaspoon toasted shrimp paste (terasi,/belachan)
1 lime, substitute calamansi or limau lime (jeruk limo)
Sea salt, sufficient amount

Shred the chicken, keep in small bowl
Peel shallots and rinse under cold running water. Thinly slice shallots and keep in a small bowl
Wash stalks lemongrass, remove the outer layer and take the white part only, finely slice and chop, keep in small bowl
Wash the chillies and thinly slice, keep in small bowl

In a bowl, place shredded chicken, shallots, lemongrass chilli and vegetable oil. Toss together to combine
Add toasted shrimp paste (terasi/belachan), and season with sea salt, mix well together with a wooden spoon.
Squeezed the lime, mix all up with a wooden spoon and make sure the mixture well combine
Garnish with lemon basil and serve immediately with steam rice

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