Tangerine, Jeruk peras (Indonesian sweet orange squash)

September 25, 2012

Tangerine (citrus tangerina) also known as Jeruk Peras (Indonesian sweet orange squash) which is actually closely related to the Mandarin orange. 

Tangerine/Jeruk Peras is a tropical and subtropical shrub, the fruit has green skin and bright orange flesh that contains a lots of juice. The freshly squeezed juice has become one of most wanted beverage among Indonesian

Most of the restaurant even though a small eating place (warung/depot) in Indonesia would serve Jeruk Peras in their beverage list menu, it refreshing and enjoyable even though with no sugar added.

For you to know, the juice that derived from freshly squeezed from the fruit is actually purely nicer, tastier and of course healthier.
All the kind of fruit that minimized process such freshly squeezed would offer the best nutrition benefit to our body, five times greater than pulverized fruit juice.

I would always go for freshly squeezed of my summer beverage Es jeruk peras (Indonesian sweet orange squash) beside it taste great yet no need electrical device involve. 

However, if I have to invite my guests for a special occasion, I like to serve DIY Tangerine ice (Do It Yourself)
Simply freshly squeezed the tangerines, keep in a jug, sides with ice water or place the ice cube in a bowl instead, for the sugar lover you may serve homemade natural sugar syrup.


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