How to make Marble Egg, Telur Pindang Jawa

August 24, 2012

It all started when I made saffron rice (Basmati rice cook in Balinese saffron) that I cooked up on the last weekend, honestly I was not sure what to cook to be the other side dish besides Java style shredded chicken cook in coconut milk.
I about to paused the work in the kitchen and about to decide looking up my recipe folder which I thought even makes the time gone totally wasted. 

I was eventually have an idea to make something easy and tasty to be the other star of the plate, something humble yet gorgeous! Marble eggs. But at the end, I must be willing to let go my time and facing the fact that the whole process was finish way too late in the evening.

I have to admit, nowadays I feel like became unprepared being, let things flow unorganized and by the end I have realized that all things have been shockingly messed up.
I use to listed and planning what to cook before hand, checking up everything that available in the fridge and wondered why I am so silly by not doing it so.

Moreover, I used to cook non stop too, take turns after each dishes have done and could prudently make my mind up.
I did not say that I like to cook alike a robot but the fact I need to chase the 3hrs that I own while my son goes on his nap.

It really strange to know why I did such thing that absolutely cause me big headache, its intolerant anyway and I need to slap my self to wake up, always Prepared and organize!

Frankly, I was occupied with so many things in the past 3 month, cooking and photographing, write up the recipes, finalized the pictures and the same time doing an editing at night so I can wrapped up the works efficiently because all recipes and the photographs has the dead line as in the contract. 

Well, This is what I came up after being silly, Marble eggs, the looks really gorgeous and it taste absolutely nailed it. I decide to make it after I remember that I was collecting the garlic skin and shallots skin in a plastic bag only to make the marble eggs. 

I modified the ingredients from Telur pidang recipe but I stick to the method as it should remain authentic!


Java M a r b l e  eggs
Telur pindang Jawa


4 whole eggs
1 1/2 tablespoons black tea (powder)
2 Indonesian bay leaves
A handful of shallot skin
A handful of garlic skin
2 tablespoons sea salt
Sufficient amount of Water 
*just enough to hard boil the eggs


Wash the eggs, and place them in a deep cooking pot. 
Top up with enough water to cover the eggs. Bring to a boil over medium heat.

After 10 minutes, lift the eggs out using a slotted spoon and place in cold water.

When the hard-boiled eggs are cool enough to handle, 
gently crack the shells with the back of a spoon until the entire shell is a network of cracks
**do not peel!

Return the eggs to the pot and add in black tea powder, Indonesian bay leaves, shallot skin, garlic skin and salt. 
Boil the eggs until the water has evaporated and eggs are dark brown, 
leave the lid slightly open
*I did this step for about 45minutes

When the process is done, off the heat and remove the eggs with a slotted spoon

Cool the eggs and peel. Serve as side dish 

** Recommended main dish to go with: Java Chicken Curry (Opor Ayam) 

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