Coconut Banana, Balinese Pisang Rai

May 22, 2012

In the midst of the crush of modernity, traditional snacks is a unique culinary culture that should retained ~ Ira Rodrigues.

Coconut Banana (Pisang Rai) is one of traditional Balinese heritage snack, it is made from banana which usually be eaten as a breakfast (a traditional breakfast) along with tea/coffee, on the other hand, its also perfect snack for your afternoon tea/coffee. The bananas are first coated in a homemade batter of rice flour, boiled/steamed and then toppled over with fresh grated coconut

However, Pisang Rai is Balinese traditional snack that once triumphed within people which now had quite diverse rival whom offered the modern snack such cup cakes, brownies, muffins etc.

Most of people who are devoted to a traditional treats have claim that their face trouble finding the vendors who are selling traditional snacks. However, the easiest way that we could possibly able to find them is at traditional market.  
Bearing this in mind, I’m encouraged my self to make it at home, in the principle of helping to preserves the culture on the tradition of having traditional snacks/cakes at home as part of our daily lifestyle.

I have my own version of Pisang Rai, I’ve chosen the method of steaming (kukus) the coated bananas with batter of rice flour instead of boiled them. I decided to go with this method after I had a long chatted with one of Balinese women who is very kind to me, she has a very humble place to sell all her traditional Balinese drink and snacks on the beach. In fact,  gone under steaming method (kukus) of the bananas, I found it more tastier as the flavor and texture of the steamed bananas are just specifically give more character, they are perfect!

Working on this recipe is just needs me to recalled of my mother banana surprise method (nagasari), frankly it required NO trick at all. The ingredients composition and the measurement are just spotlight, to be honest I don’t mind to share out my recipe to all of you my dear reader! as my little man said "sharing is caring" :)

Coconut Banana (Pisang Rai Bali)
yields 6

Banana leaves (optional) or baking paper


½ cup rice flour
1 tablespoonful cornstarch
 2/3 cup hot water(160ml) +1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon sugar (adjust the sweetness to your liking)
¼ teaspoon salt

1 cup fresh grated coconut
Salt to taste


Peel the bananas, set aside

Prepare the steamer lined with banana leaf or baking paper

Meanwhile, start making the batter. 
Place the rice flour, cornstarch sugar and salt into a mixing bowl, 
pour in hot water and stirring continuously with a spoon to make a thick smooth custard, 
*try not to create any lumps.

Place and coat each banana with the batter, make sure that bananas are well coated.
When the steamer is ready, transfers the coated banana into the steamer
and steam for 15minutes. 
*Steam 3 bananas at a time but if you use a bigger steamer, 
you may steam all bananas at once.

Place fresh grated coconut on a plate/a tray, season with good pinch of salt, mix well.

When the 15minutes is over and the coated bananas have steamed, 
using a slotted spoon, remove the bananas from the steamer.

Toppled the bananas into fresh grated coconut when they are still hot, 
*make sure the bananas are well coated

Slice the bananas and serve them on a bed of fresh grated coconut

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