Balinese White Mango, Wani Bali

April 04, 2012

Wani Bali is an exotic fruit also known as Balinese white mango (Mangifera caesia Jack), one of tropical fruit which belongs to genus mangifera (mango).

The fruit is specifically grows and could be found only in the Island of Bali. The shape almost alike mango but sometimes it can be identical as a shape of avocado too.  
The vibrant light green skin color has always tantalizing, makes wonder and attract people to explore. The characteristic flavor and aroma have prompted to many people, I would say its a blend aroma of Mango and Jackfruit. 

The milky white flesh high in fiber, its generally sweet and contain a slight taste sort of liquor (alcohol) and the forms of stone fruit percentage is 60% more than the flesh. However, the consumer prefers the fruit due to the specific flavor and delicious sweet taste.

Under-ripe Wani Bali can be ripened by placing them in brown paper bags or just place them on your fruit basket-room temperature, it will ripened within 3 or 4 days. 
That’s because of the typical aroma, it can be a great center-piece to our dining table that could create a wonderful sweet scent natural odour to our home.

Balinese white mango, Wani Bali,
I once had mislead by it looks and I thought it was mango, it drives me mad, after I have find out what it was and explored, I fall in love! 

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