Sultana and Almond Rice / Nasi Bukhari

February 06, 2012

To this day, this minute, I still don’t believe it that I made such a wonderful friendship through the blogsphere around the world, it is very unique, moreover it beyond anything that I could ever imagine. It’s been an amazing experience could be connected with them in such a way, supporting, caring, to be kind each other and asking nothing in return. Although we have never met in real life but we keep the friendship would always remain shining. It remarkable overwhelming!

Last year my fellow Indonesian blogger Elsye had send me some of cookery book, yes, I love them all, for then I could learn more of cooking Indonesian food from other region especially other ethnic, experience the detail in every ingredients and method yet the historical behind.

One of the cookery books that steal my attentions is Hidangan Betawi, warisan kuliner by Wahyuni mulyati and Ilse harahap, all written in Indonesian language (Betawi dishes, culinary heritage)
Betawi is one of many ethnics in Indonesia which its existence is widespread in Jakarta (capital city of Indonesia). The name "Betawi" is derived from the name "Batavia", the old and colonial name of Jakarta.

Betawi cuisines has been always attracted me to learn, the variety of food is extremely wide and diverse, However its such a precious heritage to be conserved. 

The unique part that could amaze me after the reading, it tells the history that Betawi food was influenced from some other countries which are a fusion culinary of China, Arab, India, Portuguese and European.
The influence of Balinese food to the Betawi cuisine is manifest in the Bekakak ayam (poached whole chicken in aromatic Indonesian spices).  

Well, I’m going to reveal the recipe of nasi bukhari/nasi khabsah (sultanas and almond rice) one of Arabia cuisines that influenced in the Betawi kitchen that includes on the recipe book content.
It’s very easy to make and of course it would be doubling delicious if you eat with your favorite curry such beef curry, lamb curry or chicken curry, other than that you can always having it just on its own.
I can certainly tell you that the mingling flavour which is created from sultanas is perfectly equipped by the adding of the almond, both flavour and texture are unquestionably scrumptious! 


Sultana and almond rice / Nasi Bukhari
Adapted from Hidangan Betawi-warisan kuliner Indonesia


1 ½ cups rice
*mesure the rice with the cup that include when you buy the rice cooker
¼ cup toasted almond, chopped
¼ cup sultanas
2 tablespoons tomato ketchup
2 tablespoons fried shallots
 1 clove garlic, chopped
1 teaspoon salt


Place the rice in the rice cooker pot and simply wash clean and the rice.

After all done, add-in sultanas, toasted almond, fried shallots, garlic, tomato ketchup and salt.
 Top up with water-measure the water according to the most rice cooker instructions recommend.

Place the pot into the rice cooker, cover it and let it cook until its done or
the rice cooker automatically turns off
Serve on its own, with your favorite curry or any kind of your favorite side dishes 

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