Sambal Mbe Recipe (Balinese shallots sambal)

February 22, 2012

As I go deeper into Balinese cuisine it became more and more fascinating, discovering the magic delectable every dishes to view and to taste.
Truthfully, there are still much more to explore due to their different combinations of basic Balinese spices, I might take my own sweet time then.

I never gone hesitant to look something to indulge my sense of food discovery, even the point is just the street food, somehow I like the experience that would leave me pleasant at the end. 
For some reasons, to me, the street foods are most includes best alluring satisfaction that ensconced under the simplicity and humble setting.

The other day I went for some evening treat of "Balinese tipat kuah" at one of food corner that available at the grocery supermarket.
Tipat kuah is actually slices of packed rice wrapped with coconut leaves (ketupat/tipat) drenched with aromatic soup of ayam betutu (aromatic Balinese chicken) serves with other typical Balinese sides dishes including sambal. I called for sambal matah and sambal mbe goreng to be the kick of my tipat kuah on that day because i love to find out which sambal would goes well with the dish. I am thinking, it would be fun to do it and by the end I could make out that the combo was delicious, authentic and most I like is spicy.

One of typical Balinese sambal that could caught me attentions is sambel mbe goreng, its pretty simple kind of sambal but it an extremely important I should know.
Sambel mbe goreng is actually one of the most simple sambal, it has to be significant additional to every lawar Bali (Balinese salad), with an advantage if you want the thrill of lawar Bali—delicious and spicy!
I think, I should not hold-up to give "lawar bali" and making it bashing by the additional of sambel mbe goreng.

Crispy shallots sambal
Sambel mbe goreng


15 shallots, peel and slice
7-8 bird eye chilli, slice
½ teaspoon toasted shrimp paste (terasi/belachan)
2 limau lime/jeruk limau, substitute lime-slice
I cup cooking oil for frying
Salt to taste


Pat dry the shallots using kitchen towel *you can wash the shallots before it slices.
Heat cooking oil in the wok over medium fire, toss in the slice shallot and fry until crispy or they turn golden brown, give it continuously stir to avoid the shallots gets burnt.

Remove the shallots from the oil, place them on the plete lined with paper towel, keep aside.
Fry slice chilli for few seconds; remove immediately from the hot oil.

In a bowl, place the fried chilli and fried shallots, 
toss in toasted shrimp paste and seasons with salt.

Using a spoon mix them gently until combine, toss in slice limau lime if using or lime, 
it works to give citrusy fragrance to the sambal.

Serve it with the main dish

Cook note :
You can always used red chilli instead of bird eye chilli *deseed
You may use store bought fried shallots *it could be available at the Asian store

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