Milk tapioca cookies (Kue bangket)

January 10, 2012

Well, yeaah, I have finally here at 2012, twelve new months, it definitely new phase to get going another creativity, create some great idea and optimism in the goal of achieving a perfect dream.
I do really hope that the year of the dragon would bring me, you and yours a good luck!

I had taken a week solid quiet, have wonderful break that I had plan it before, it’s just to chill-out, relaxing, do some stuff that pleasure my self for sure, NO cooking, NO writing, NO photographing!  All I have is the bliss to enjoy and celebrate the started of 2012
Frankly, I've decided not to make any resolution for this year as perhaps most people did, I just want everything running naturally and let it flowing like water, fills me inspirations to confront this year.

It’s the time, when I feel all good and bright, cooking and baking again! I had wished a recipe in mind and claim my demand before it posted to be the FIRST post of 2012 on my cooking blog. It should have very special, truly Indonesian, authentic and strait-forward.
I’ve making up my mind to lift up kue bangket--hidden treasure trove cookies from Riau-Indonesia that deserves to be exposed worldwide. 
I have used the recipe from Rurie blog and I comprehend it story through her writing.  

After reading the recipe, understanding the ingredients and method, I was fascinated by the looks and it triggers me to make them.
I've modified the recipe, adjust the sweetness, adding up grated parmesan cheese and balanced the sweetheart with pinch of sea salt, oh yes we love anything that cheesy.

I used jelly-mold to form the cookies, unfortunately my chocolate mold didn’t works for these cookies, it perhaps the shape were to small and the design are just too complicated to hold up and release the mixture.

These little cutie are sexy and gorgeous, really melt in the mouth, made from tapioca flour, it absolutely straight forward recipe that I exactly looked for. 

I just love every bit of it! Light and fun to be a snack :)


Milk tapioca cookies
Kue Bangket Susu


250g tapioca flour
60g butter (room temperature)
40g icing/confectioner sugar
30g grated parmesan cheese/optional
40ml sweetened condensed milk
2 pandan leaves, ripped--substitute vanilla bean
Pinch of sea salt


Preheat the oven to 140C. for 25 minutes.

In a wok place tapioca flour with pandan leaves, Toast over medium fire, 
cook and stir until the leaves appear to be crisp 
or you feel the flour turn up so light--the purpose is to make the flour losing its moisture. 
Leave the flour aside to cool.

Once the flour has cooled down, add-in all ingredients, 
mixed everything using your hand until well combine. 
*The mixture will be very crumbly, so don’t be surprise and stressful.

Spoon and packed the mixture into the mold 
*I use jelly mold or you can use your speculaas mold if you have.
Press the mixture using your thumbs, make sure it holds together 
so it would easily come out from the mold, neat and pretty.

Release the cookies from the mold and place it on the lined baking tray, 
*have very gently work and patience on this step or 
you would end up with all stressed as it ruins the shape 
and make the cookie back to crumbs.

Bake the cookies for 10-12 minutes, 
*I suggest to use 3 baking tray to divide the batches of the cookies.

When the cookies are cooked and removed from oven, 
let them stay in the baking tray undisturbed until it cooled 
as they are so fragile and very delicate. 
Bake the rest until all done.

Once they are cooled, transfer these delicate cookies in the jar, 
and do not over arranging—as I said they are fragile and delicate 
so be gentle and patience, patience, patience…

~Recipe via  Rurie at and modified by me~

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