Grilled aromatic rice / Nasi bakar rica-rica

January 19, 2012

I found that my habit of collecting the free magazine from every corner of the restaurant, Deli, supermarket or cold storage in the island is becoming more and more fascinating.
By now I have so many of them, such lets eat, NOW, the mag or Hello Bali, one thing I like the most is their concept, keep the tourist nor resident up-to-date, it charitable and seducing.
Most of the magazines are consider appealing, interesting and very informative, they discussed about many things and it makes sure that we are not miss a thing
The great thing I like that it contains would never be so boring.

Couples days ago, is the due time for the new issue form one of free magazine had been launched; I grabbed it off without any hesitations. When I got home I just have no patience to have my coffee, sit back and relax, reading the magazine up to obliterate my inquisitiveness of the new issue.

It certainly comes to the interesting part when I saw the glance from the picture of nasi bakar (grilled steam rice), it was really caught me attention. it explain where to get and specifically well describes how the taste is. To be honest, nasi bakar is not actually new to me, I have herd before and much scattered in the web site. 

There are quite numbers varieties of nasi bakar, one of them that I have seen it on local TV is nasi bakar sumsum (grilled steam rice stuffed with marrow), the story behind was inspiring and encouraging, It was about a very small family business, they were struggle, putting up all the effort to make their dream come true and finally they were succeed to make their nasi bakar sumsum became one of masterpiece selection of food in their region.

In general, Nasi bakar/grilled steam rice is aromatic steam rice stuffed with spiced chicken, meat, fish, prawns or mushrooms and then wrapped with banana leaves. Firstly, the stuffing has to be cook/process as your desire so it would offer you comfort home-cooking yet exotic.

I made my own version of nasi bakar and I like to make some modification for it taste the best, *perhaps* it make my picnic authentically striking too!
I called it nasi bakar rica-rica, I made the stuffing base on ikan rica-rica ingredients, I use pindang tongkol ( evaporated process cob fish) and the essential flavour that be special wrapped the whole stuffing is the lemon basil ( daun kemangi). It’s one of my most favourite Indonesian herb, the smell could turn me up-side-down
Well, my nasi bakar was turned became my most favourite dish, it really please me and it sensational too, that's because I do make it at it best :)

Nasi bakar is out of the ordinary, the banana leaves not only enrobed the rice but they impart a subtle flavour and create seducing aroma, earthy and versatile.


Grilled aromatic rice / Nasi bakar rica-rica
makes 3 wraps


For the rice
2 cups rice 
*Measure the rice with a cup that include when you buy the rice cooker.
1 lemon grass, brush and knotted
2 pandan leaves, ripped and knotted
good pinch of salt

For the rica-rica
6-7 shallots, slice
8 bird eye chilli, sclice/adjust the spiciness to your desire
1 lemon grass, brushed and knotted
1 cop fish (pindang tongkol) substitute tuna
Big handfuls of lemon basil (kemangi)/off the stem 
Salt to taste
oil for frying

banana leaves
Tooth picks


Aromatic rice
Place the rice in the rice cooker pot and simply wash clean and the rice.
Add lemon grass, pandan leaves and season with salt, top up with water 
* measure the water according to the most rice cooker instructions recommend.

Place the pot into the rice cooker, cover it and let it cook until its done or
the rice cooker automatically turns off

Heat little the oil in the pan, shallow fry the fish both sides.
Remove the fish and shred, keep aside
Heat the oil in wok, add-in onion and lemongrass, fry until the onions gets wilted
Add-in chilli fry about 1 minutes, in goes shred fish, 
stir until all ingredients are well combine about 4-5 minutes.
Off the fire and then add-in lemon basil (daun kemangi) and stir.


Pass every part of the leaves over an open flame to soften and wilt. 
do it very quick or otherwise you banana leaf would burnt off :(

Make sure you do not pass this step 
or the banana leaves will break when you wrap the rice with it.

Divide the steam rice into 3 servings
Divide the dish filling into 3 serving

Lay the banana leaves on your flat working place, place the rive on top, 
spread evenly the rice and place the fish rica-rica stuffing on top of aromatic steam rice

Roll up to a long resemble a tube, secure one end with tooth pick. 

Hold the rice wrapped and tilt one side
Push down the rice through the other hole of the wrap using the back of spoon to make it solid and packed and then secure the other end using tooth pick.

Meanwhile heat up your grilling, once its hot, grilled the wraps on each side 
until the wraps just nicely charred or 
you get the aromatic smell from banana leaf about 5-6 minutes

Serve immediately 

I have the steam that I wish to share here, to make my self just feel relieved and aware that some people really don’t know how to appreciate other people work.

Its pretty sad though …

I gone trough an uneasy week and it cause me tense, I was so being little neglected from this blog, it because I was focusing to short some sort of nightmare I have never wish, it horrible indeed!

I was devastated and felt cheated facing the issue, it was unbelievably shock that my picture HERE had been taken without my knowledge and my permission, it included in the soft copy for the charity event *with some entry fee written on it* that scattered on the social networking “Facebook” and according to a source that it produce as hard copy too. I wrote a letter at that time, requesting a clarification in purpose to have some clear explanations to what the person had done to my work. The person was explaining the story behind and apologized, so and so…it shouldn’t happened this way, the person may ask me anytime to have my work by sending me email, as simple as that and if it for charitable activities I would be most happier that I could help and sharing.

Well, unfortunately after the long writing and exhausted negotiation, the person was giving me unreasonable signal as in the letter attached a file that totally surprised me, it never explained anything other than saying thank you! The person had replaced my work with others as soon as being caught; I totally get the picture and understand to what the person trying to say, yes! The person was refusing to give a credit to my name as a reward and it consider as just humble compensation that I was asking for, I was speechless!

I was end up with all disappointments of the person unpleasant action and behaviour , this is embarrassing, *by now the person absolutely had it my work, of course after it downloaded through my blog * the fact that it totally unfair to me, I was so up set and heartbreaking!

To me this is a big deal and totally intolerable when someone have abused our work, sneaky around and stealing our work like nobody business. sigh..
After all happen, sadly the person ultimately dodged from the responsibility when being asked to counts his actioned that harm others. It is not good at all!
The person didn’t offer me nothing, it perhaps only the arrogance's that shows me as an elderly person. Thank you!

I do hope, the person would really revising and change the banner or leaflet that include my work to make sure that my self don’t look silly and humiliated.

I'm so sorry that i could not included any link to lead you (to proof you) to see my photo being publish and finally revised for the HUGE event in other country. 
I still waiting and needed more time to work with it until all clear.

Dear Readers, thank you for reading!


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