Tempe Chips ( Kripik Tempe)

December 10, 2011

Suprisingly, tempe was purportedly indentical with poverty in Indonesia but nowadays, it no longer underestimated. It has become popular and well-liked worldwide and it takes special place into culinary star in many countries.
I am proud to be an Indonesian for having tempe among my daily-life that often cook them in various way, moreover it inexpensive food which are pack of nutrients.

Some time ago, when I was down to my my mom home town, I was learning how to make homemade spinach crakers (rempeyek bayam) and mungbeans mix with anchovies crackers (rempeyek kacang hijau dan ikan teri) through my mother.

it was a great time, I and my mother had a chat within our memories, jokes and laughter adorned both. She shared tips, thought me how to do the trick and advised me with all her wise words of cooking.

Because the time were not enough unfortunately, as well, there were so much plans going on until I forgotten to learn how to make tempe chips with her in personally. 
By then it leaves me curious, I was end up with long conversations by phone-call ;( chirping like a hunger bird asking this and that

As The ingredients were uniquely given by guesstimated so i need to hold up the recipe before it shared, its a challenging task to make it happen and these guys are became my superb snack :)

To be honest, my tempe chips recipe is actually belonged to my mother, I just adapt and tweaking a little bit and add-in my own idea to make the result equally.
As my mom tips to add-in the betel lime water ( air kapur sirih ) to the batter in order to make them super crispy.
Since I wanted this recipe going on generally so I substitute betel lime water with icing sugar and the result definitely offer me superb satisfying.

Tempe Chips  ( Kripik Tempe)


200g tempe, thin slice
½ cup rice flour
¼ cup sago flour ( tepung sagu), substitute tapioca flour
2 kaffir lime leaves, discard mid rib and finely slice

1 clove garlic
½ teaspoon coriander seed/ you may use coriander powder

teaspoons icing sugar
½ cup water +2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying


Using mortar and pestle, grind the garlic and coriander powder 
* I use cobek. Set aside

Meanwhile mix rice flour and sago flour in a big bowl, 
add-in water stir well until smooth consistency.

Add in spice paste, slice kaffir lime leaves, icing sugar and season with salt.
Heat oil in wok over medium fire, when it’s hot reduce to small fire 
* this is very important part to exacting the heats, 
otherwise your Tempe would burnt easily and it inedible

Dip the tempe carefully into the batter one at a time and deep fried them 
*work patiently and do the remaining until all are done.

Serve and snack them with or without your favorite dipping sauce

Cook note,
~ if sago flour is not available at where you are—u can use sago pearl instead, 
grinding them into very fine powder that would resemble flour
* with a note if you might curious about.

~ Try to slice the tempe as thin as possible to get ideal tempe chips

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