Green mango sambal

November 21, 2011

Mangoes are still abundant here at my place, they are fantastically fresh in their season, I am a big fans of mango and I really wish that they are would last until next year, I wish…

I have always create to make something from mango since it seasonal and make sure that my creation always hits the day. My most favorite fruit snack is making them as candied mango (manisan mangga), very quick to make and really addicted, they are absolutely great to be a snack while watching movie at home during weekend, Oh Best!

As the side dish, I devoted to sambal mangga, serve with Ayam Goreng as the famous name would call lalapan ayam sambal mangga (Deep fried marinated chicken sides with fresh vegetable and serve with green mango sambal)

Sambal is part of my daily menu as complement and also very important to my home cooking, for you to know, most of all Indonesian food basically would serve with sambal to harmonized their meal.

Sambal mangga is shredded green mango coated with sambal terasi, its best using a rock hard and green mango, a super simple recipe to make that would impress you for sure.   
Terasi is also known as belachan and its common ingredients used in Southeast Asia, it is crucial ingredients to make various typical Indonesian sambal/Indoneisan style dipping sauce
In fact, the basic of sambal mangga is sambal terasi, if you could make best and drooling sambal terasi then you would have the best sambal mangga :)

Sambal Mangga
Spicy Green mango Relish

1 medium size green mango (firm unripe mango)
2 fresh bird eye chillies
2 fresh red chillies/fresh cayenne pepper (cabe kerinting)
1 teaspoon toasted shrimp paste (terasi/belachan)
1 ½ teaspoons coconut sugar (gula merah)
substitute brown sugar or palm sugar
Salt to taste
Fresh tomato


Using a knife or potato peeler, peel-skin the mango and wash clean,

Using a grater (I used the shredded as seen in the picture)
grate the flesh of the mango or slice the flesh of mango   
and stack the slices and cut into very thin strip, keep aside into a bowl.

Using mortar and pestle (I used cobek) combine chillies, 
shrimp paste (terasi/belachan), coconut sugar and salt, 
grind to form smooth paste, add small quantity of fresh tomato and grind   
*it just to make the sambal has light consistency. 
Have a taste according to your liking.
* You may use a food processor to do this.

Add-in shredded mango, 
using a spoon mix shredded mango with the sambal, 
make sure all are coated with sambal

Serve as side dish maybe to your grill fish or 
as topping to your fried/grill tofu 
or topping for fried tempe 

cook's note :
For the characteristic fragrant, 
I always squeeze up the limau lime (jeruk limo/limau) to my sambal, 

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