Soto Ayam Recipe

October 19, 2011

I warp up Soto Ayam (Classic Indonesian aromatic chicken soup) to be the beat of today posting. 
I have finally made it uncovered after it just being a plan and writing it recipe for blog--on and on, in fact, this time it has been exposed and proudly inserted in my label.

What the special about Soto Ayam then? Typical Indonesian aromatic chicken soup that never ever make me get bored and always won me among other home-cooking dishes :)  
A bowl of heaven, aromatic, tasty and delicious, it serves with a few crucial garnishes such simple sambal chilli, the sharp scent of Indonesian celery (seledri), tantalizing crispy fried onions and drizzled with lime juice to bright the soup, its totally lip-smacking! Endless...

As you may know that Soto is Classic Indonesian chicken soup, its aromatic delicious. It can be serve on its own, as starter or main course along with steam rice or rice cakes (lontong) and the garnishes absolutely completed the whole package that give you fineness thrill.

I had learn face to face to make it from my mom at that time, she is my guru of my soto ayam today, since her soto ayam easily guessed by family and those who lives around her area, isn't it sounds cool...
I bet, my mother must be feeling special and privileges knowing that her Soto ayam so signatures by people around her “hey mom it’s really cool…”

This is how I describe my mother Soto ayam “ its very refreshing aromatic soup, bright and bold, enticing yellowish kind of soup. It just slight clouded by the spices, and of course tasty, I called it as Soto Ayam bening :) "simply clear soto ayam"
I did minor adaptations as I did not add-ins the candle nuts to my soto ayam (kemiri/buah keras) 

Soto Ayam
Classic Indonesian aromatic chicken soup


Water 1500ml  *to be reduced to 1300ml
Chicken--I use whole breast and 1 thigh of chicken
2 stalks leek, slice
Vegetable oil for frying
Chicken bullion, prefer no msg (optional)
5-6 cloves garlic--slices and fry to golden crispy and crush using your finger
Salt to taste

Spices to grind

6-7 shallots (bawang merah)
7 cloves garlic
½ tsp coriander seeds
1 tsp white pepper
3 cm fresh turmeric, charred 
(you may use turmeric powder)
Thumb size of fresh ginger

Aromatic spices

2 lemongrass, always use the white part only--bruised
5 kaffir lime leaves / discard mid-rib and torn
5 slices medium thick galangal (lengkuas)


Blanched bee hoon in warm water (I use glass noodles)
*I don’t specific the quantity, 
as preserving may use around ¼ cup of blanch glass noodles
Indonesian celery (seledri) --you may use the leaves of celery / chopped
Lime, wedged
4 boil eggs, quartered
Sambal chilli / boil chillies and then grind with the broth
Deep fried shallots (bawang goreng)


For the broth,
Boil the water in a stockpot, after it boil add the chicken along with aromatic spices, 
let it boil until it creates some wonderful aroma.

Meanwhile, combine all spices to be grind in a blender or 
using mortar and pestle, process to smooth paste.  

Meanwhile, heat up oil in a non stick pan , add-ins ground spice,
Once it creates an aroma, throw-ins slice leek, fry until fragrant.
*make sure the raw smell of spices has evaporated. Set aside.

*Back to the boiling broth in the stockpot,
when the broth about to reduced , add-ins the aromatic ground spice paste,
chicken bullion *if using and seasons with salt as your desire

Slowly boil, lid on ( do not completely covered the pot, 
give a small space for the broth release the vapours)
shimmer until aromatic another 15minutes.

Before reaching to 15 minutes shimmer, throw in crushed fried garlic,
give it a good stir.

Off the fire and remove the chicken from the broth, 
drain and pad dry using kitchen towel

Meanwhile heat the oil in a wok, shallow fry the chicken until it gets slight brown.
Remove from oil and let it cool.

Thinly slice the chicken and keep them in a covered container

How to serve

In a serving bowl, place the blanched glass noodles and slice chicken, 
ladle the piping hot soup, drop-ins the boil egg,
garnish with crispy fried onions (bawang goreng) and chopped celery leaves 
Squeeze lime over the soup and dollop of sambal chilli 

my note
You can always serve the lime and sambal chilli in a separate saucer 

Prawns crackers may serves as the special complement  

Serves with steam rice in a separate serving plate or 
serve the Soto ayam and rice together in one bowl as Indonesian preferably 

You may serves Soto ayam with rice cake (Lontong) instead of steam rice


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