Lontong Lodeh Recipe (vegetables in coconut milk serve with rice cakes)

October 10, 2011

Sayur lodeh is belongs within Javanese people and has widen throughout Indonesia.
Its coconut milk-based soup contained of variant vegetable and then stewed together, it would absolutely great to be serves either as starter as it i might serves in a small clay pot or main course along with lontong (rice cakes) or steam rice.

I purposely made Sayur Lodeh as vegetarian style otherwise you may cooked instead of vegetarian style for your desire by adding such ribs, meat, chicken or eggs.
My favourite Sayur Lodeh would always vegetarian style, prefer not too creamy and then serves with pan-fried cob fish (pindang ikan tongkol) or tuna, oh yum….

Since ready made lontong (rice cakes) are easy to get and available at the traditional market at my place so I never make them from scratched, but to relieve your curiosity of rice cakes recipe, I was browsing and I found it here in Bahasa Indonesia
I simply Translate accordingly, the reason that I choose the link for the steps of making rice cakes because it simple to follow and reveal short of slight shortcuts of process 

How to make rice cakes (Lontong)

Wash clean the rice about 300g and drain, in a pot boil the rice with 400ml water until all half cooked or until the water absorbed. 

Place 4 tablespoons of half-cooked rice on banana leaf, roll tightly to form a tube. Pin and secure with toothpick on the both ends

Divide and cut the banana leaf into20 × 20cm, place each layer on top of the stove fire, as it wilted so it would not breaks when folded. 

Place all the wraps into big pot, add-ins water until cover up the level, bring to boil until the rice form into cake--approx 11/2 hours.

Instead of banana leaves, you may use plastic bags as wrapper to make the rice cake/Lontong  (with a note of perforated with a needle on its side) that hold the heat.


Lontong lodeh  
Variant vegetables stewed in coconut milk serve with rice cakes
Recipe source : Mother and adapt by Me


800ml water
1 cup coconut milk
3 cm galangal/ slice or bashed
2 Indonesian bay leaves/ daun salam
4-5 kaffir lime leaves
200gr young jack fruits/ nangka muda-cut into medium squares chunks
1 eggplant / cut into square chunks
12pc long beans/ kacang panjang-cut about 3cm lengths
1 chayote/labu siam-peeled and diced or sticks
5 blocks tofu-cut into squares chunks
150g tempe-cut into squares chunks
Little amount vegetable oil for frying
Salt and sugar to taste

Spices to be ground

6 shallots / bawang merah
3 garlic/ bawang putih
3cm kaempferia galangal (kencur) / you may use powder about 2tsp
1tsp coriander seeds
1 red chilli
5 bird eye chilli (optional)
½ tsp shrimp paste/ terasi (optional)

Green chilli (optional)
Fried onions

What to do.

Grind all the spices to be ground mentioned above,
*use mortar and pestle or blender. 

Heat vegetable oil in a stock pot, once its heated add the spice paste, 
fry until aromatic or the oil starts ooze from the paste

Add-ins the water, bay leaves, kaffir lime leaves and galangal, bring it to boil.
Once it boil, add-ins diced young jack fruits (nangka muda), 
continue to boil until its tender.

Reduce the fire over medium heats, add-in tofu, tempe and chayote,
Lastly, add in coconut milk, eggplant and long beans,
season with salt and sugar, shimmer gently until all vegetable are tender 
*try to not make them overcook or mushy also avoid the coconut milk get curdly  

Off the fire and ready to serve as main course or starter along with lontong
Garnish with green chili (optional) and fried onions.

My note,
~ you may use other vegetables for this recipe
~ you may serve with noodles or steam rice
~ serve with dollop of sambal ulek and krupuk (prawns crackers),
that's the way to enjoy "Lontong lodeh".

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