Tofu chips Recipe

September 16, 2011

I am a huge fan of tofu *tahu and the great thing about tofu is abundant loaded of protein which is a good source of nutrients to our body. Tofu is a supernatural magic, it could serve either savory or sweet *side dish to the main, snack, appetizer, sweets as a dessert and it can be pickled too!
The wide variety of tofu are quite numerous--such like silken tofu, firm tofu, dried tofu, fermented tofu, stinky tofu and still many more. They are somehow desirable to the Asian every day home-cooking.

My childhood favourite tofu snack is deep fried tofu, its just ordinary deep fried tofu, sprinkles with some salt serve with either green chillies or petis (a sauce made from fermented prawn paste and commonly known as petis so it would called as tahu petis).

The attractive sides of deep fried tofu is actually when I seeing them starts to puffed up in very hot oil, seducing and they are looks sexy, full bump, ha!
The texture of deep fried tofu may range from crispy on the outside and custardy on the inside, simply delish!
To me deep fried tofu is kind of humble snack to almost Indonesian, it would easy to prepare, cheap and yummy. 

Another Indonesian style snack recipe I would like to share is tofu chips (kripik tahu).
It’s actually available at almost supermarket here but since I always have a peaceful break hours during my little man napping time so I do it at home my self and have some fun.

The recipe is just needed very basic ingredients and basic method too, I guarantee that everyone could do it. 


Tofu Chips (Kripik Tahu)


5 block firm tofu
*I bought it ready made and a packet contents of small block of 5 pieces firm tofu
1 tsp coriander seeds
1 cloves garlic
Turmeric just to do the colouring/either fresh or powder *not to much
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying

Deep fried garlic--made from 2 cloves garlic--thinly slices,
deep fried until golden brown

Grind the garlic, coriander seeds and salt,
using grinder/ mortar and pestle *I use cobek
Place and arrange the tofu in a cooking pot,
add water just enough to cover the tofu. 
Mix in the spice paste. use medium heats, bring it to boil and lid on.

When the water reduced, its means it infused and absorbed by the tofu, 
fire off and let it cool. It looks solid and set.

After it completely cool down, pad-dry all the tofu using kitchen towel.
Thin slice the tofu--it would makes the tofu chips are perfect 
and succeed *be patience

Meanwhile, heat the oil in a deep-fryer or wok *I use wok
On medium-low heats, fry the slices tofu until crisp.
*Take a small batch at once, in purpose of giving them enough room to get crispy.

Drain on the paper towel and Repeat the remaining until all are finished.

Keep in the jar and then throw in the fried garlic for the dribble smells

Tofu chips only works best if only using firm Tofu

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