Mee siam Recipe

September 05, 2011

Singapore is a Southeast Asian city state off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula which has the famous for it blends spices of exotic culinary influence. The legendary dishes feature the best of Chinese, Malay, Peranakan and Indian heritage it reflecting the rich multi culture by a multi-racial that represent the heart and soul of Singapore and just to let you know that the Durian (king of fruits) is “Singapore national fruit” ,that was main reason to government of Singapore has built The Durian-shape Esplanade to be its promoting icon as a center for arts and culture

My husband is originally from Singapore whom has super duper senses nuts to food, he'll tunnel up the latest information whereby to find the best alluring local food and He can hunt the most wanted feature food yet famous until he gets it into his plate.

As the interesting traditions he’ll gives appreciative and honest review as compliment afterwards as our topic to be discus between us after the gastronomic journey.
Its fun and entertaining, it makes me learning, exploring and experience all local food at the same time it gained me knowledge all about Singapore food and it culture as well.

I am starting to be confident home-cooking Singapore mee siam this time, Mee siam is a delectable Singapore dish created from a mix of Chinese, Nonya and Malay influences, it’s very rich assam (tamarind) gravy with appetizing aroma. Accompany with rice vermicelli fried with a mix of spices and serves with dollop of sambal chilli, fried tofu cubes and lime juice for a zesty tang. To make even irresistible compliment, garnish this scrumptious dish with slice boil egg. As my husband said that humble mee siam which normally serve at the local food centre wasn’t added prawn as garnish but again its your posh optional preference

I give you my adaptation mee siam, it transformed from mini cook book and few sources of family recipes, It might not the best featured mee siam in town that I had last time, but at least its like a remedy to be missing Singapore mee siam to be home cooking it in Bali, now I am walking over the clouds hahaha

* i don't blame you, if you goodness gracious the long recipe by the ingredients and the steps. It took me several days and nights LOL


 Mee Siam
Serves 2-3


200gr dried Bee hoon/soaked in warm water until soft,
Remove and drained

Mee siam for the Gravy:

5-6 shallots/ bawang merah
3 cloves garlic
3 tbsp tamarind juice from 2 tbs tamarind pulp
*dissolve with little amount of warm water
2 tbsp peanuts
1 tbsp tsp dried shrimp/ udang kering
1 tomato
2 tbsp salted soy paste / taoco
5-6 red chilli / original recipe using 6-7 dried chilli
3 bird eye chillies--optional *because i love spicy
4 thin slices galangal
3 asam gelugur/ asam kandis 
*if it unavailable you may adding more amount of tamarind juice
1 tsp shrimp paste/ belachan/terasi
2 candlenuts
1 Lemon grass
1 inch fresh turmeric
1 tsp whole white pepper
Salt sugar to taste
Flavor enhancing if using *I use ikan bilis cubes without msg
700ml water *add another a cup ofwater if required
Oil for frying

Bee Hoon (vermicelli)  sambal

3 red Chillies
3 shallots/bawang merah
2 garlics
1 candlenut
1 tbsp tamarind or 1 asam gelugur
6 white pepper
Pinch of shrimp paste/belachan/terasi
Salt to taste
Oil for frying
¼ cup water

Sambal chilli

2 red chillies
4 bird eye chillies
2 cloves garlic
2 candlenuts
1 tsp shrimp paste/ belachan/terasi
Salt and sugar to taste
Oil for frying

* Grind or blend all spices and then fry
Keep in jar if you make big batch


3 egg, hard-boiled, cut in wedges or slice
Fresh chive (ku chai), cut to 1 inch, substitute spring onions
Bean sprouts, blanch
Lime wedges or calamansi lime *trim top
3 blocks form tofu, cubes--deep-fried

For the gravy Gravy:

Using a blender or perhaps you prefer mortar and pestle , 
grind all the ingredients for the gravy, except asam gelugur,
lemongrass and galangal

Heat the oil in a pot, fry the gravy spice paste until aromatic
Once it aromatic and make sure the raw spices smells are gone away, 
add water and asam gelugur, galangal and lemongrass

Bring to the boil and shimmer about 10 minutes--do not cover the pot
Check seasoning and taste *it has to be tasty and slight sourish

For the bee hoon sambal :

Grind all the spices, set aside.
Heat oil in wok, add the spice paste, fry until all fragrant.
Add ¼ cup water, give it a stir.
Add soaked vermicelli (bee hoon) mix well until it all evenly coated with the spices
Remove from heat, transfers into big bowl or container, set aside

Place portion spiced rice vermicelli (bee hoon) in a individual plate or bowl. 
Add piping hot gravy *stir gently before pouring onto bee hoon

Add garnishes and serve with dollop of mee siam sambal chilli
You may add lime juice in it to give it decent taste or serve lime separately 

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