Bubur Menado Recipe ( Manadonese rice porridge)

September 27, 2011

I have another "Bubur Manado" recipe here and it completely narrated with a simple story as definitive and you would notice that this recipe isn’t repost one.
If all caring and wondering to know What is Bubur Manado, please jump to the link and have a quick reading about it.

The only thing make it different that I did yummier version than last time as it contains of few variety of tuberous root plants such sweet potato, cassava and taro beside the used of vegetables such spinach, water-spinach (kangkung), pumpkin, sweet corn and lemon basil. It’s more textured going on and of course tasty, according to Manadonese people that it could be serve as either breakfast or lunch—I prefer as my lunch. Completed serving with fried salted fish and sambal terasi are making it additional lip-smacking  

Bubur Manado (Tinutuan)
Manadonese  Porridge 
~Rice porridge with vegetables and variant of tuberous root plants topping with salted fish and dollop of sambal terasi~


 1 cup rice
2 sprigs lemon grass, bruised
Salt to taste

Choices vegetables
 2 corn ears kernels stripped from the cobs
3/4 pumpkin from the whole pumpkin, skinned and cut into small chunks
Bunch of water spinach / morning glory (kangkung)
Bunch of spinach ( I use English spinach)
20 sprigs of lemon basil, you can use less

Tuberous root plants
150g cassava, cut into chunks
150g sweet potato, cut into chunks

Salted fish (deep fried )
Sambal terasi ( toasted shrimp paste, chillies and lime juice--grind them all)

Wash the rice and drain, set aside
In the cooking pot add plenty water and cassava season with some salt, 
boil them until just about tender.
Add rice and lemon grass *adding water if required, 
Boil the rice until 80% cooked to a porridge consistency
Add corn kernels, sweet potato and pumpkin, season with salt
Continue to boil until the rice thicken and all tuberous roots are soft
Off the fire and your porridge are all ready

To serve,
Ladle (your portions) of porridge in a small pot, cook over small fire
Add (your portions) of vegetables, stir until all cooked
Transfers to a serving plate 
and garnish with salted fish and dollop of sambal terasi

My note

If the terasi (shrimp paste) either unavailable or it might not in your liking, 
you may substitute with fresh onion sambal 
*shallot (bawang merah), garlic, tomato chilli and salt 
(grind them all together) 
The quantity of garlic is definitely less than shallot
The remaining of porridge could be freeze 
and defrost when its serve in the following day

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