Es Campur Recipe (Indonesian sweet dessert)

September 08, 2011

Es campur, mix fruits with special added of black jelly (cincau-grass jelly) floats in the tempting aroma-milky syrupy, the personal selections as preferences of mix fruits are just cool sections to make. My enjoyable of es campur offers an interesting colour of various fruits where I can relax and take pleasure at home, calm and memorable. It doesn’t really matter added can one or fresh, make your comfort stand up!
Serve chill or adding lots of shaved ice or even simply throwing some ice cubes, make it easy that would make you stay homey.

I did the same treat to my pineapple as my recipe of es buah *cut the pineapple into pieces and then just slight boil along with desire spices to make my es campur even unique--thrill and bashed.


Es Campur
Indonesian style Mix fruits ice

1 can Lici (Litchi-leci)
1 can longan (lengkeng-matakucing)
1 packet of black jelly (cincau-grass jelly), cubes
Rock melon * I shaped the flesh using smallest size of ice cream scoop
Young coconut taken from whole young coconut
Homemade pineapples in spice
Shaved ice/crush ice/ice cubes * choose any of them
Rose syrup
Evaporated milk substitutes condense milk

How to make Spiced Pineapples in syrup

1 pineapple, cut into pieces
3 cups water (depending on how big the pineapple)
1 stick cinnamon
2 cloves
1 star anise
2 sprigs pandan leaf if available, torn and knotted
¼ cup sugar or as your desire
*remember that the rose syrup will be adding, do not make it to sweet

Boil the water and the spices, once its boils add the pineapple, 
boil another 10 minutes,
remove from fire and let it cool and then transfer into a jar or container, chilled.

How to serve Es Campur

In a bowl or sup plate, add small portions of each fruit 
(fruits are as your selections)
*including the spiced pineapples and black jelly (cincau-grass jelly)
Topped with shaves ice/ crushed ice /ice cubes *be the boss
Pour in the evaporated milk or condense milk, either one
Drizzled with rose syrup
Enjoy !

source: mom recipe and adapt by me 

 ready made Rose syrup

the looker...

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