Balinese Salad Recipe (Urab Bali)

September 20, 2011

Bali’s food explosion may be a fairly recent phenomenon, but the island culinary has what it takes to go head–to-head with the best in the world. “the mag”

Bali is always charming to my eyes, surviving from the tourism domestic and international guests because of the overwhelming natural beauty and it culture, these are make Bali is a different proposition altogether as the Balinese believe that God (Sang Hyang Widhi) is definitely looking after the Island

The never ending feast would make you spoiled, the atmosphere of every makan place (restaurant) had created into magnificent tranquil relaxed which makes every tourist would feel soulful and special. 
It sets from the romantic scene overlooking the natural view, a breathtaking rice fields which would makes your heart touched until to the olden heritage decor and surrounds which would make you homey, name it … all you can find in Bali.

Well, back to what I’m fascinated as always, cooking…
This recipe that I’m going to share is actually recalled me of the set menu at BumbuBali restaurant and cooking class. All the main course you have ordered are including a small amount of side dishes and sauces which are placed at the typical traditional saucer. They are arranged eye-catching and definitely giving the impressions to the guest. It has the purpose behind the array, satisfy you to understand what the Balinese side dishes taste are.

Urab Bali is the traditional Balinese salad, all the vegetable are preferably blanched to maintain the texture and color. Its always include fried onions (bawang goreng) as the final touched.

Balinese cuisine is essentially requires a lot of spices the fact it sounds complicated, to make just simple dish it oblige more than several different kind of spices. The only main key is you have to understand the existing guidelines regarding the spices mixture categories, I’ll reveal in another separate posting because I don’t want to make you feel mix up by its thing at the moment because I just want you to be cool by this simple recipe, honestly…

Anyway, I adjusted the recipe from the original book--make it easily adaptable for the home-cooking, because I’m thinking that you might electrify your impression and make it as your weekly menu.
Even though have been adaptable, I guarantee that the real taste of Urab Bali remain unbroken 

Urab Bali ~ Balinese vegetable salad


150gr fresh grater coconut
Choices vegetable
*I use, long bean (kacang panjang) beans sprouts and spinach
Ready made fried onions (bawang goreng) or you may homemade them
* simply slice the shallots and then just deep fried until golden brown.

Mixture spices to grind:

5 shallots (bawang merah), chopped
3 cloves garlic, chopped
3-4 bird eye chillies
*you may use 1 red chillies to make it less spicy
2cm kencur (Kaempferia galangal) 
*use 1 tsp for the powder one
2 candle nuts, crushed
3 thin slices galangal
3 kaffir lime leaves / discard midrib and torned
1 tsp shrimp paste (terasi/belachan)
Palm sugar / gula merah
*substitute brown sugar (the amount is just enough to balance the taste)
Salt to taste
2tbsp Coconut oil or use regular oil

 what to do

Blanched all the vegetables (prefer maintain texture and color)

Heat the oil in a pan, add all the mixture spices 
fry until all looks wilted and aromatic removed from the heat and let it cool.

Grind the spices using a blender or mortar and pestle, until smooth--set aside

Meanwhile, lightly toast the grater coconut in a non stick pan 
when its done mix the spices with the toasted grater coconut.

In a big bowl, place blanched vegetables 
and then add in the spiced coconut, mix well.

Garnish with fried onions and serve as salad or side dish

my note:
As I used freshly grater coconut which I got it from Jimbaran local market 
so I go after Ibu (my Balinese neighbour) tips and suggest, 
simply combine the spices mixture with the freshly grater coconut 
without any process such like toasting the coconut.
 (of course after it grind and fried) 

The authentic Balinese salad / Urab Bali using charred coconut flesh 
before it grated, you might interested to give it a try

I did not specify the amount of the vegetables
because I knew that you are the master :)

Recipe adapted from Pawon Bali cooking book

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