Pia Legong ~ Homemade traditional Balinese pie

August 10, 2011

PiaLegong is a special delicacy form Bali I once ignore, until I finally got it a bite by fortune, i was so darn curious since then and never pay attentions to what my husband pointed at the place every passing by the shop.
According to what I herd, they have exclusive somewhat almost unbelievable regulations state as its death impossible could get it by directly pop up to the shop, only if you are lucky like me on that day, get hold of the two boxes Pia Legong comes from the rest of the productions *I'm the early bird by the way, lol

To have delicious Pia Legong (homemade traditional Balinese pie) in hand, you must reserved by phone 3 weeks ahead because they don’t make any excessive pie, so not all orders can be fulfilled.
They have an authenticity assured by particular and it sounded unique to me, that Pia Legong have no any other branches at anywhere else which mean it markets and manufactured only at one place. A rented shop house (I believe, they might legally own the place by now) in Bypass Ngurah Rai street, about 3 kilometers from Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali
The Counters also the manufacturer, no storefront for the pie, only about 2 staff I've seen so far with the book which filled up with orders from customer.

Pia legong was pioneered by a couple--husband and wife in Bali back in 1996, they were sweats within the bone-slam, they build a great effort to achieve their dream, promote and markets the pie by their way. Its worth to mouth and it was given free as sampling to every domestic tourist and foreign tourist to starts the marketplace, eventually Pia lengong gets the market after one and half years later.

How the legendary Pia Legong looks like?

Its half from the size of a tennis ball, the physical form is round-flat, crispy golden brown pastry stuffed either cheese or chocolate. Each box carefully vacuumed wrapped and  each pie wrapped in the secure-sealed plastic so it does maintain the crispiness, see.... 
It was creating by three different kind stuffing, cheese, chocolate and green mung beans paste (kacang hijau), however through the passage of time, unfortunately they had to stop the green mung beans stuffed produced with particular reasons that it wasn’t customer keen. 

so, just to make sure that i would not miss the second round one hence i will receive the idol on the 12th of this month, of course after I wrote down my name and my order :), does it sounds cool…

    Kitchen House of Pia Legong
    Jl. By pass Ngurah Rai, Ruko Kuta Megah 12/L Kuta-Bali, Indonesia

    Contact by phone
    Phone : +62 361 7898777

    Contact by e-mail

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