Pepes tongkol bumbu kuning Recipe

August 25, 2011

Pepes is always counts as a great deal to the lists of my favorite side dishes menu, as I devoted to a fish especially if it cook in spicy outcome.
This is my other pepes recipe which is I make it different from my other pepes recipe before I call it as Pepes tongkol bumbu kuning “ spicy cob fish coated in yellow aromatic paste wrapped in banana leaves”
I put all my effort to make them even more than delicious and gives value to my lunch *of course I eating using my bare finger

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You might not interested to my entire forewords after most probably seeing all my Pepes photos :)) and perhaps all you need only to know the recipe and curious all about it.

Well, I give you right through to the end and satisfying recipe plus methods as I prepare everything form scratch like usually and make the result worth a dreamland :)

Pepes Tongkol Bumbu Kuning
Spicy cob fish coated in yellow paste wrapped in banana leaves


2 cob fish (pindang tongkol) / substitute tuna or mackerel
3 red chillies + 6 bird eye chillies *spicy
(You may use around 3 red chillies only to have slight spicy)
6 shallots / bawang merah
3 cloves garlic
3 candle nuts
4 thin slices galangal
2cm fresh turmeric--charred/kunyit bakar
3-4 lemongrass, use the white part only--slice
5 kaffir lime leaves, discard midrib and slice
10 blimbing wuluh/ substitute green tomato- slices
a pinch of terasi *shrimp paste--optional
2 bunch lemon basil ( daun kemangi ) /steam off
6 sprigs spring onion/ daun bawang, cut
Ikan bilis granules as enhance the flavor--prefer without msg/optional
Salt to taste
Banana leaves
Tooth picks

What to do

Prepare the fish, head off, debone and then halved the fish. Set aside

In the electric grinder or using mortar and pestle, 
grind the chillies, candle nuts, galangal, lemongrass, 
charred fresh turmeric, shallots and garlic until smooth,
*if you use an electric blender add little amount of water for them to move.

Transfers the paste in the cooking pot, add the fish, 
season with salt, ikan bilis enhancing flavour if using and shrimp paste, 
gently cook them in the medium fire 
until the raw smell of the spices are slightly gone away.
* Do not over stir as your fish might break to flakes. 
Remove from the fire and cool down

Add slice blimbing wuluh substitute green tomato, 
lemon basil and spring onion, using spoon or spatula 
and then mix all the ingredients until the fish covered with the yellow paste.

Lay about 2 layers of banana leaves, place the fish on top of the banana
Leaves * you may pieces the fish as your fingers size, so easy for you to eat.

Wrap and secure both ends with tooth picks and repeating the remaining mixture

Meanwhile prepare the steamer until its ready for steaming.
Transfers the wraps into the steamer, steamed about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile prepare your grilling or you may use the oven too, 
grilled the wraps on each sides until the wraps just nicely charred. 
At this stage, you will smell heaven:))

*I used non stick pan over the stove to charred-grilled, 
it works fine and for sure I can smell heaven :)

Source Tina, composed and adapt by me

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