Okra/ lady's fingers / bhindi

August 15, 2011

Okra, it become my favourite vegetable since then, I remember vividly that I had it for the first time in Singapore when my mom-in-law cooked them in curry and other dish she made was quick stir fry okra with dried prawn, oh it was so darn delicious!
I spelled and I fall in love to death!
At the following day my husband took me to have the best fish head curry in town and to give you an information, okra is the most crucial vegetable must have in it, oh this one absolutely killer! We were eating greedily and fought over the cheek *best part and always our favourite 

The characteristic slime is nature charm but some people prefer to minimize sliminess in the cooking process the fact I don’t mind at all, its actually makes them typical.

If I make my own style curry, I have to have okra in it because it’s a must (wajib :))
To maintain the looks of my curry, I do special trick especially if it serves for special curry night in favour of friends, its nothing wrong impressing people with our dishes looks pretty, sexy and appetizing 

What I normally do with the okra after I have done my curry is slight-boiled in the really boiling water for approximately 2 minutes because by it particular timing I get my devoted texture that I always fond of. After its done, remove from the fire, drain using colander.

Dish up the curry on the serving plate and then dropped the cooked okra all over, to make even tempting do drizzle with the curry sauce on top of okra and the next step is, you might sprinkle with crispy golden brown fried onions but again its an optional.
Isn’t it sounded really appetizing?

Today posting is NO recipe and to keep you happy, fortunately long ago--couples years back I do have the recipes in particular , both recipes are equally scrumptious, except the photos haha... if you please, have a look the recipes at the link below:

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