Soursop Ice / Es Sirsak

August 29, 2011

Growing up in such tropical country yet beautiful is a blessed to me as well as tropical climate and archipelagic geography support to have wealth agriculture, a unique flora and fauna. This is my Indonesia, a place I always cheer up to live at, with all traditional culture identities, characteristic natural resources and diversity range of Indonesian food.

One of timeless tropical fruit I always desire is soursop as commonly called as Sirsak in Indonesia language. Es sirsak/soursop ice is one of my topmost beverage since then, a drink which brought me an everlasting childhood memories when it is seasonal. 
Soursop usually eaten raw when it ripens, the fruit has very pleasing scents and refreshing sourish taste as improvement to the appetite.

I just found out a reading says that the soursop leaf are include as alternatively herbal medicine to kill the cancer cells and according to a source that soursop fruit it self is strongly gives the effect of anti-tumor/cancer as medically proven to cure all types of cancer, what a cool dude as well a cheap type of medications. Very interesting and magic! 

My soursop ice/Es sirsak recipe is very simple to make, it doesn’t required an IQ to remember haha. The best part, I can make it with close eyes LOL, it all healthy and simple to prepare.

This time I just trying to explore the recipe with additional kolang-kaling to give such texture in it *but its an optional. 
Kolang-kaling is a fruit commonly to many tropical countries. It is the young white meat of fruit of aren/palm tree from which palm sugar is derived.

Soursop Ice/ Es sirsak


Whole soursop, approx 400gr
500ml water
Sugar, just to balance the sourness
*adjust according to your taste.
1 cup kolang-kaling/optional
Rose syrup to drizzled /optional
Crush ice to serve

What to do
Cut the soursop, take out the flesh and
tear the flesh into pieces and remove the seeds.
Place the flesh in a big bowl, add water.
Add sugar and stir until the sugar well dissolved

To serve

Ladle the delight mixture in a cup or glass.
Add 5-6 pieces kolang-kaling to gives texture bite
Topping with crush ice and drizzled with Rose syrup
Serve for the summer day, its perfect!

*you may serve just the soursop ice topping with ice crush only 
or maybe just simply serve chill without any complicated thing :))


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