Grilled halloumi salad sides with double dose of vitamin C

August 18, 2011

I had my first taste of halloumi cheese salad for almost five years ago *oh goodness and I totally recalled vibrantly of having it in Dubai but i dont remember what the restaurant name *i am not that good in remembering places haha! The simple thing i could remember is the restaurant surroundings, it was a very nice and posh restaurant, it designed so cozy, both interior and locations would tell us that it’s really up-class place to hang out and pamper our taste bud, oh and the price too, gosh gosh gosh...the other thing was the superb view from the restaurant which makes the place even classy, it overlook Burj Al Arab-Dubai, alongside human-made canal look alike Venice waterways inclusive few gondolas were pack with tourists, i think the idea to make something ala Venice touched were execute and compose brilliantly, I was impressed as a tourist.

The silly part of me that I couldn't remember at all how is halloumi taste like, nah! *such a joker right…
I took my chance of smuggling the beggar from my previous visit to Dubai last two months back since i'm at the country which might produced best halloumi :)) the reason is just to hit off my palate with the taste and the texture of halloumi cheese, recalled as I don’t want to look silly yet again , haha and my Lil man enjoying it too

Halloumi, I would called it squeaky cheese, the slight salty somewhat pulled the whole flavour in particular unique to called as a cheese. Serve warm as it suppose to be, making it good cheese because it has to be BBQ grilled or pan-grilled to have distinctive the actual halloumi.

Grilled halloumi salad
sides with double dose of vitamin C
according to my Ideal salad portions

You need

Ready-mix in a packet of mix salad
3 slices halloumi, approx 1cm thick slice
3 gherkins, slice
7 capers
4 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp honey
Lemon juice from ½ lemon 
2 lemon peel
Salt and pepper

For the double dose of vitamin C
I used golden kiwi and navel jumbo orange

What to do.

Preparing the dressing, I’m following Jamie tips, 
it works special to all my salad dressing.

Use a small jar, place olive oil, honey lemon juice, lemon peel, gherkin, 
capers, salt and pepper, covered and starts the fun :)
*shake it until all are blended perfectly do the actions like the bartender shake their creations mixture cocktail in the shaker J
Leave aside

Wash clean the mix salad, set aside
Peeled and arrange the double dose of vitamin C on a side of salad plate.
Arrange the mix salad beside of double dose of vitamin C

In the mean time
Put a frying pan on over a medium heat and grease with little amount olive oil.
Add the halloumi slices, check the halloumi 
and if they are browned and crispy on one side, turn them over.

When the halloumi is done, pour the vinaigrette all over the salad vegetables, 
make sure everything is lightly coated. 
Place the warm halloumi on top of the salad, serve immediately.

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