Wedang Pokak / Spiced drink from Pamekasan ~ Madura Island

July 14, 2011

Finally,  I can enjoy the beautiful essence of all the delicious food I have cooked after the unpleasant cold took a place and tear down my immune system.
Now my nose has finally breathed again…
After all, the sense of all tastes and smells perfectly back to normal :)

Yesterday, I purposely made something easy and comfortable in the throat to test whether my taste bud and sniff are functions together in harmony.
I made a drink somehow is very special drink originally from Pamekasan with reference to wedang pokak ( Pamekasan is on Madura island and it is a regency of  East Java )

It appearance is pretty simple light brown beverage identical, very similar to wedang jahe in general, but from the aroma, it would be more interesting. Warm and spicy flavor comes from mixture of natural herbs and spices which contained in the drink.
As for drink, wedang pokak has begun to be forgotten and hard to find, because perhaps most of native people who lives in Pamekasan preferred to have something in modern beverage and then happen to forget that at once their owned a treasured inheritance.

I have used to of my mother recipe, which have been modified to be simple but it gives intense in flavour, to me it represent an overwhelming drink and I absolutely enjoying this typical drink as an addition to boost my mood after the cold :)

Wedang Pokak
Spiced drink from Pamekasan~Madura Island

   You need

   600ml water
   2 knob fresh ginger root (the size of your thumb finger) sliced or bashed
   3 inches cinnamon
   2 sprigs pandan leaves – torn and knotted
   2 stalks lemon grass, slice
   4 heaped tbs sugar / adjust how much sweet you want it to be * i used rock sugar

   What to do

   Place the ginger, slice lemon grass, cinnamon and pandan leaf in the saucepan and then pour over the water.

  Bring it to the boil, once it boiling, low the fire, lid on and shimmer for the flavour infused about 15 minutes or until the liquid reduce to 500ml.

Pour the liquids through a tea strainer or sieve, discard the spices contents  

Serves for 3 individual cups 

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