Fried Grouper coated with spicy sauce / ikan Rica-rica

July 24, 2011

To me, a local market such an overwhelming amazing place, a place where all about cooking are started from and most people would treated as the boss, choosing the stuff in their need, their best and their freshest, its really great!

I live almost near by the local market and its very big advantage to me as my foremost preferences cooking ingredients are available in there and of course I wouldn’t deny that I need doing grocery at either supermarket or cold storage too as the crucial part in my life 

One of nearest local market near where I live called jimbaran local market (pasar Jimbaran) it offer such variety of spices, primary home needed, vegetables, fruits, traditional cooking tools and other interesting stuff. The other one is Kedonganan local fish market also located at jimbaran and situated at the edge of the jimbaran beach. Visiting Kedonganan fish market in some way always making me mad as all stuff are so fresh and also offered daily catch seafood and fish, how could I missed the wonderland … 

To complete this post, i have simple recipe to share and the best part is that it doesn’t required an electric chopper or even mortar and pestle to process the sauce, all you need only a knife and chopping board.
It called Ikan Rica-rica recipe, home-cook and simply-modified by me (ikan refers to Fish and Rica means spicy)

Ikan Rica-rica / Fried Grouper coated with spicy sauce 


   2 medium size grouper, clean, scales and head off / divide into to 2 every fish
   20 shallots (bawang merah) , slice
   7 cloves garlic, slice
   2 red chillies, deseed ans slice
   10 bird aye chilli, slice
   1 tomato, cut
   a bunch of lemon basil (kemangi) / steam off
   Salt to taste
   oil for frying

what you need to do

Rubbed evenly the fish with salt, heat the oil in the skillet and then fry the fish, meanwhile prepare the kitchen towel placed on the plate. 

Once the fish are fried, transfer into a plate line with kitchen towel. set aside

Heat about 2 tbs cooking oil, add slice shallots fry until wilted, 
in goes garlic, fry until aromatic.

Add chilli and tomato and season with salt.
Add fried fish into the wok, give it a good stir until all the fish coated with the spices.

Add the lemon basil (daun kemangi, stir until the lemon basil just slightly wilted 
* in this stage you will smell the beautiful scent comes from lemon basil and it creates delicious aroma for the Ikan Rica, i bet you’ll fall in love with this dish !

Transfers into serving plate and serve a side dish with steam rice

    You may adjust the spiciness according to you liking and This recipe engross a lots of onions 

    have a look my other Rica-rica recipe, using cob fish (ikan tongkol)

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