No Recipe...

June 06, 2011

After the last phase of my wonderful holiday, this is the time for a new chapter again, where I must say Hi to all of you…I definitely lost in lots of words, describing and give the detail of my previous holiday as I have no prove in picture, to me, it sounded an excuses--but hey, my self really couldn’t help, perhaps I am terrible and silly :)  I’m very sorry about that.

It was great to step my feet again for the second time in middle-east, it was hectic as I have to handle my little man whom too excited to see a new place within sophisticated and extremely modern and I am suck as I have no camera in hand, poor thing :(  I promise to make a huge revenge after these days are over! LOL

Well, I am on board--it would be striking if I complete this post with my humble photographs and I hope you like them.

Have a nice day!

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