Ketan Bubuk Recipe (steamed glutinous rice in grated coconut and spiced soy powder)

June 10, 2011

This is like the bonus during my tea time ritual, the savory treat sticky and gooey from glutinous rice is at once upon a time somewhat I called it a memorable indulges. Those days were full of the unexpected delight from the traditional homemade food and the house always full of surprise, how I wish I can turn back the time…

Ketan bubuk is java style glutinous rice topping with grated coconut and then generously dusted with spiced soy powder. To me it’s a perfect match for cup of tea or black coffee and most people especially from central java would have it as a various breakfast before their daily activity.

I was drawn in between imaginations and recalled, but what would be worthy is it no longer just an imagination and I finally fallen beyond the classic traditional Javanese simply-humble delightKetan Bubuk ” . The special touch of homemade spiced soy powder it makes the whole package literally delicious! And it’s very caressing the taste bud.

The recipe can be found here in bahasa Indonesia, but I modified even more simple for my own convenience. 

Ketan Bubuk  
Java style glutinous rice in grated coconut and spiced soy powder”


1 cup glutinous rice / soak for at least 4 hrs

3 pandan leaves / torn and tie a knot

2 tsp salt

Coconut topping

1 cup grated coconut (steam for 5 minute)

Salt to taste

* After steam for 5 minute and then rub with salt, set aside

Spiced soy powder

1 cup soy bean

1 chili, deseed and slice

2 kaffir lime leaves / discard the middle part / thinly slice

3 cm fresh kencur ( Kaempferia galangal )
1 clove garlic, thinly slice and deep fried

Salt and sugar to taste

  • if the fresh kencur unavailable you may substitute with the powder one (add ½ tsp)

What to do

Wash clean the glutinous rice after soaked and then season with salt, mix well.

Steam the glutinous rice together with the pandan leaves until its cook or translucent.

It can be kept in the plastic container or bamboo basket and covered

How to make spiced soy powder :

Using non stick pan at the medium fire, lightly roast the soy beans, kencur and chilli until aromatic. Remove to cool.

Add fried garlic, fresh kaffir lime leaves and then season with salt and sugar.

In the blender, blend all the ingredients until smooth and then sieve the powder to get a fine dust.

To serve:

Dip your hand into water to wet and take a handful of glutinous rice give it a round shape, roll into steam grated coconut and then place on top of banana leave or serving plate layer with banana leaf and then generously dusted with spiced soy powder.

Have it with your tea or coffee

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