Bubuh Injin recipe ( Black Rice pudding)

June 29, 2011

To me Bali is beyond charming as well  Bali is known as "The morning of the world" the island it self contents with so many extraordinary things, from the spectacular sunset, great culture and nature, outstanding art until the legendary Balinese cuisine, all are sounds heaven. Who would say NO to be placed in the Island of the God? I don’t think you would…
It’s a blessing to be here and knowing that my dream and my wish have finally come through …

The day before yesterday I was planning to make typical Balinese dessert which is unique to Bali and the same time able to indulge my little family by the preference of something traditional delight.
It took me not too long to decide what to make since I have all the ingredients, all are checked including the recipe. Bubur Injin * black rice pudding as Balinese called for Bubuh Injin is one of  famous Balinese dessert, it is very easy to make and also delectable to have, made from black rice mix with the glutinous rice to obtain the smoothness consistency and texture, sweeten with palm sugar (gula merah), drench with coconut sauce.

I really never thought that Bubuh Injin would hooked me, it is truly delicious treat, it would serve either warm or cold, and it’s perfect for the dessert or during tea time.
Both, my husband and I, were satisfying by it afters 

BUBUH INJIN (Black Rice Pudding)
Recipe adapted from Bumbu Bali Restaurant & Cooking School

  1 cup black glutinous rice,  4 to 5 hours soaked before process or overnight
  1/2 cup white glutinous rice
  4 pandan leaves, torn and tie a knot
  5-6 cups water, more cups if required
  ½ cup palm sugar ( gula merah ), shaved--substitute brown sugar,
  or you may use regular custor sugar
  1½ cups freshly squeezed thick coconut milk
  Sea salt to taste

How to make coconut sauce

Place the coconut milk in a pot, add 3 pandan leaves *torn and tie a knot.
Cook over medium heats, stir continuously, seasons with salt.
When its almost bubble, remove from the heats and let it cool.
Transfers into a jar, keep refrigerated

Method : 

1. Wash properly and rinse both black and white glutinous rice well under running water, then soak overnight. Drain.
* i just soak the black glutinous rice overnight,
1 hour soaked for white glutinous rice before cooking process

2. Into deep pot place 5 cups of water and pandan leaves , 
add both type glutinous rice.
boil over high heat and lower the fire for shimmer for total timing approximately 30 minutes, adding more water if required.
* i like my Bubuh Injin have a slight bite into it hence 40 or 45 minutes should perfect timing to get the demand.

3. Add palm sugar and continue to shimmer until most liquid has evaporated 
or a slight thicken for another 10-15 minuts, season with sea salt. 
Remove from heat and allow to cool.

4. Serve either warm or chill, drench with coconut sauce

Helpful hints:

As fresh coconut milk turns rancid fairly quickly, a pinch of salt is usually added to the milk to help preserve it for few hours. Heat gently, stirring constantly for a couple of minutes. This coconut sauce will keep overnight and refrigerated.
Milk made from instant powdered coconut will not turn rancid, although the flavor is not as good as fresh coconut milk.

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