Beef Soup / Sup Daging Ala Ira

June 16, 2011

Monday, I normally started with the laziness...the routines would begins pretty late, sometimes I need a big slap on my face to wake up :)) oh dear…

Last Monday, it was a little unusual, which my self very much keyed up to cook a wonderful beef soup which I have composed it recipe a day before hand. I found my self so eager, looking forward to cook and find out how its turns out.

Perhaps, it may not the BEST, but to me, it is pretty nailed for my satisfying!
The aroma is just reflected to it flavor, all are just tasty and surprisingly delicious.
This beef soup recipe was creates from my few recipe in my tags and then I combined the cooking methods to get the unique taste for my picky palette.

Sup daging ala Ira
     ~ Special beef soup ~


  400gr beef tenderloin, cut
  ½ yellow onion, peeled and charred
  3 cm medium size ginger, peeled and charred
  2 carrots
  2 potatoes
  1 tsp white pepper, cracked
  1 tsp black pepper, cracked
  ½ from whole nutmeg, cracked
  1.5 lt water
  Salt to taste


  Celery leaves , chopped / i use local celery a.k.a daun seledri
  Fried onion
  Sambal -- boil the chillies and paste them in the blender 

  What to do

Bring the water to the boil over high heats, add the meat and the lower the fire to      medium. Use ladle to skim any scum that rises to surface.

Add in overall spices written above, boiled--uncovered / taste and adjust flavour with the salt

Continue to boil until aromatic, once its smell appetizing and then and then goes in the carrots and potatoes

Continue shimmer until the potatoes are tender and the carrots still have a bites.
Ladle the soup in the serving bowl, garnish with chopped celery and fried onions.
Serve as it is or with steam rice, accompany with sambal

My last photo might not looking appetizing at all...
As it taken using iPhone i was seduced by playing some actions and having fun with some texture.
I forced it to be little hazy, vintage and colorized
to me , this is not all about drooling , this is just FUN

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