Pangsit Goreng / Fried Wonton

May 01, 2011

The temptations of making these crispy scrumptious because I finally bought my deep fryer, it was a good bargain and the looks is pretty cute, it just fitted to my tiny pantry--I completely rely on it since then.

For some reasons, it convince me to have it, with our special fondness of ideal deep fried snack, the good thing about deep fryer that it gives your specific demand such a colour and juiciness with the guide of exact temperature, all the needs are absolutely turn up good.

Pangsit goreng (fried wonton) is just ideal snack for us, it would be nice if it served with the dipping sauce especially your favourite one, though simple and easy, to me,  they are just perfect satisfactions.
I don’t do very special taste to my pangsit goreng filling, it somehow depending to your perfections demand, cooking is boundless, do what ever you feel like, modified and creates according to your best palate, making it the most delectable on your dining table, So be the boss…

Here is my pangsit goreng (fried wonton) recipe, it could be a stand alone as your snack served with the favourite dipping sauce or to be the perfect match for your mie ayam (chicken noodles)  
* Saos sambal ABC is still won me !

Pangsit Goreng / Fried Wonton


   1 packet of ready made wonton skin
   25 pieces medium size prawns--minced
   1/2 from whole chicken breast--minced
   3 tbs tapioca starch
   ½ tsp white pepper powder
   1 tsp sesame oil
   6 spring onions-thinly slice
   Salt to taste
   Oil for deep fried

what to do:

In a big bowl, mix the minced prawn, minced chicken and tapioca starch and then season with white pepper salt and sesame oil, using a fork mix thoroughly by pressing and folding the mixture.

  Add the spring onions and then mix all the mixture until the ingredients are well combine

  Lay a wonton skin on a flat surface, put a small teaspoon of filling into the center of the skin, seal it up by dab your finger with some water.

Fold the wonton skin to a shape you like or see my pictures below.

   Deep fried the wontons to 170 degree Celsius, this particular temperature would make your wonton correct in golden brown and crispiness texture.

Pangsit Goreng

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