Vegetable Fritter / Bala-bala as Indonesian favourite deep fried snack

April 07, 2011

These guys are mostly sells by the street vendors in here, but not only in where I live now but also most places in Indonesia be familiar with, and the most amazing thing that people love them as a snack.
The street vendor has their own unique way to alluring the spender of their vendible, by displaying all the different variety deed fried stuff in the wheelbarrow such are deep-fried sweet potato, banana fritter, deep-fried cheese cassava (singkong keju ), deep-fried stuffed tofu and vegetable fritter

Some of them make it as attractive as possible by covering the top part of the push-cart with the glass screen window for the victims easy to know what they are selling.
One of the brilliant thing that makes me impressed is that they have had spot on idea by painting the glass with the striking bright color font written as GORENGAN which mean “deep fried”

Vegetable fritter / Bala-bala

Yes, this is definitely an oily stuff, the process through the deep frying which needed litters of cooking oil, it might gallon. If you consumed them everyday absolutely bad ritual, but if you control your wants, it saved you from the unhealthy-life disaster.

The way I eat this snack is like the common people who devoted to the spiciness, have a bite of the fritters and then followed by a bite of the green chili, to me its like the ride in the circuits, even its burnt to the throat but the same time its enjoyable and highly addictive, but if you are not used to the sting of chili you may treat them by eat its own and its totally personal preference 


1 heaping cup shredded cabbage
1 heaping cup beansprouts
1 cup grated carrot 
5 stalks spring onion, slice
1 heaping cup flour
2 tbs rice flour
2 cloves garlic
1 tsp white pepper powder
(The quantity of water should enough to make the batter somewhat medium thick)
Cooking oil for deep-fried
Green chilli (optional)

Directions :

Using mortar and pestle, add garlic, white pepper powder and salt salt, grind until resembles fine paste

In a big bowl, combine all the assorted vegetables and flour, add the spice paste and then add the water. Form them into a batter by folding the batter until well cooperated

Meanwhile heat oil in deep fryer over medium heats once its hot, take a spoonful of the batter and drop into the hot oil, deep- fried them to golden brown somewhat crispy.

Place them on the tray layered with paper towel on top in purpose to drain out the excess oil 
Do the same to the remaining batter until all are done or if you think the batter is too much for one time servings, it could transfers in the covered container and refrigerated

Serve them as a snack accompany with green chilies or your preferable dipping sauce

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