Tahwa / smooth and silky tofu pudding drenched with sweet ginger syrup

April 19, 2011

What would you do if you are missing kind of early days memorable treat by the street vendor? Home cook it, yes exactly -- I have the same opinion.
I was craving Tahwa few days back, but I would have to home-cooked it since I have no idea where to get one. Firstly I have no idea how the recipe is, forget the genuine version by the street vendor, even the recipe book I don’t own it so the only way is to game to try it out and put my efforts until to get it right.
I found the recipe here in Indonesia language, how to make it from the scratch and here how to make homemade Tahwa using agar-agar.

After reading and pictured the recipe, I come up with my own version, it might nearly close to the traditional tahwa. Of course it didn't go just one or two attempted, it was more than that and i consider the failure counts as hold-up succeed.
Instead of using agar-agar I used gelatin powder to my Tahwa, the simple reason is that agar-agar doesn’t gives specific texture that I wanted, yes I am fussy  :) 

The street vendor one usually serves the tahwa warm as it suitable in the rainy season, gloomy and cloudy, it gives the body warm and decent feeling but I do the opposite way I prefer my tahwa would serves chilled as it creates as heartening dessert.
If you want to have your Tahwa would serves to comfort your rainy day, you may have experiment using agar-agar with the special requirement of the used amount of soya milk and exact quantity of agar-agar powder, have a game to try it out.


smooth and silky tofu pudding drenched with sweet ginger syrup

Ingredients :

3 cups soy milk (prefer natural no added sugar)
3 teaspoon powdered gelatin
¼ salt
Warm water to dilute the powdered gelatine

For the sweet ginger syrup :

~ This is my Mother recipe ~

700ml water
1 medium size ginger root / peeled-thinly slice
1 stalks lemon grass / brushed
2 cloves green cardamom / lightly break to open up the skin
Rock sugar / adjust the sweetness as your desire
3 sprigs pandan leaves / torn and tie a knot

Directions :

Dissolve the gelatin powder in the warm water. Stir until it mixture thickens and the gelatin is completely dissolved. Set aside

Heats the soy milk in a pot--In this step do not boil since it gets curdly very easy.
Once it just heats up, removed from the fire and then pour the gelatin mixture to the soy milk.

Get ready of a large plastic container on your counter table and then slowly pour the soy milk in it, let it cool and refrigerate overnight minimum.

Directions for the sweet ginger syrup :

In the pot, bring the water to the boil, add all the ingredients for the sweet ginger syrup. When its smell gingery aroma, reduced the fire and then continue to shimmer (more or less for another 15 minutes)
Remove from the fire, let it cool and then transfers to the jar for refrigerate

How To serve:

Gently scoops some pudding into a serving bowl or cup.
Drench slowly with the sweet ginger syrup.
Serve chill as your comforting treat 

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