Spiced Fruits Cocktail / Es Buah

April 25, 2011

I was thinking on the dessert which I want it fresh and something a little more palatable with some interesting combinations of flavours.
The idea of treating my self with the fruits cocktail with the assortment texture on a bite was attractive and gallant in flavour than ever. The creations of the shape on each selection brought me into a pure fun, slicing and matching them.

Like all other tempting dessert, I came up with spiced fruit cocktail (Es Buah) for our dessert on that day and I have been used to with my mother recipe which perfect to my keen in order of the bright aroma and the flavour contrast, it kicked!
As my expectations that the spices brings a punch of freshness and character,the accent of cinnamon and star anise sets a smooth an extraordinary indulges, that has become an essential enjoyment and a favourite of mine.

Please to be free using your desire fruits, but I should say that pineapple is a must.

Spiced Fruits Cocktail / Es Buah


What You need :

½ pineapple, cut into pieces
200 gr kolang kaling (palm fruit), halved
1 can of mandarin orange in syrup
200 gr nata de coco in syrup
1 packet nutrijell substitute konyaku jelly
(Make as packet directions and then cut as your desire)
500 ml water
Rock sugar—adjust the sweetness as your liking
Lime juice from 1/2 lime

spices :

Cinnamon stick, about 4cm
1 star anise
3 pandan leaves, torn and tie a knot

What you Do :

In the pot, boil the water together with pineapple, rock sugar and the spices.
After its boiled, shimmer for another 10 minutes and then add the lime juice.
Remove from the fire and let it cool
Meanwhile, mix the can fruit, nata de coco, kolang kaling (palm fruits ) and the jelly in the plastic container.
Pour in the pineapples spiced syrup, using a spoon give it a good stir to combine and then refrigerated.
Serve chilled or throw in some ice cube—bring it on!

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