iPhone Food Photography ( iFP )

April 21, 2011

After learning taking food photo with iPhone and of course trying it best looking style on it, to be honest it take me to the fun ride.
Everything just goes smoothly on the drive and the idea was deliver as what in my head. I am quite happy though.
As I have no experience of taking food photo apart from using dslr, I could barely tell you that this is quite challenging.

The post here is not going to tell you that I’m expert or being proud on what I am doing lately, no no no…it’s actually not in my purpose even crossed in mind, not at all.
It is more to encouraging one to another, to be uniquely YOU, to be creative and to be who you are and the most important thing is that always being grateful to what you have. The truth to be told, It doesn’t matter what camera do you have in hand, its all about how you explore your genuine creativity, having fun with it and keep shooting. 
At the end of the day, its not the equipment you have that counts, its the images you've made ~ Penny De Los Santos

To realize that you are so special to be who you are is beyond everything and you will find it Majestic !

I have recently created a new tag, it called iFP ( iPhone Food Photography ) in my label and I will start to build up to achieve even though if the ONE have been repaired. 
If you have the same interest with me please without hesitate to join me and do tag me, you are most welcome--any questions or even an opinion are most welcome and gladly would give the answer. 

Thank you, 

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