Carrot, Cucumber and Tomato Gazpacho

April 28, 2011

Every mother in this world would give the best food to their little darling, they will pick the freshest stuff in a local farmer’s market and it could be organic too. As well as me as a mother, I would do everything for my baby to grow and develop eating healthy food.

When I first watching Jose made in Spain * link here and Jamie food escapes on tv * link here, they were cooking different type of Andalucia Gazpacho recipe, as you might knowing gazpacho is a classic Spanish cold soup and of course it serves chilled
They were inspired me to cook something fresh and delicious in the same time for my little darling as I convinced that my little man gonna like it and they are really my inspirations especially for my escape home-cook :)

Since I have organic stuff sitting in my fridge such carrot, cucumber and tomato so my humble choice goes into gazpacho recipe the reason because it’s good to have such a fresh food without the heats gets involved. My gazpacho version is the most simple as I believe that my little darling doesn’t needs too complicated food for his delight and the idea of replaced the garlic with ginger its quite unique thrill for him.   

Carrot, cucumber and Tomato Gazpacho


1 medium size carrot
2 tomatoes
1 cucumber
½ cup orange juice
½ tsp grated fresh ginger
Salt to taste
Water—adjust the amount to reach the right consistency
Extra virgin olive oil or cream to drizzled

Directions :

To make the soup, combine the carrot, cucumber, tomatoes, ginger, orange, salt and water in a blender.

Puree the ingredients until everything are well blended into a smooth thick liquid.

Put the mixture in the fridge to chill, once its chilled ladle into a bowl or small glasses and then drizzled with extra virgin olive oil or cream on top.

Serve it as summertime soup

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